Thursday, January 1, 2015

CFS Release: Tic-tac-toe

Oh what fun ... a tic-tac-toe die! I couldn't wait to see how it would cut felt in hopes of making a travel tic-tac-toe set for my kids. By George, it worked! The super-thin lines stayed together after cutting with the new tic-tac-toe dies from CAS-ual Fridays.

Is it strange that I played a game with myself after I got the game board ready?! I won! The great thing about using felt, aside from the relative stiffness, is that it naturally sticks to each other. You can turn the board on its side and the pieces don't slide off (which would come in handy with antsy kids on a long car ride, I'm sure).

I made the game board long so that I could fold the bottom up and use that for a pocket to store the X's and O's. To give a little more finished look I stitched the edges all around but you certainly don't need to do that. You could just use mini staples to hold the pocket sides together and leave it at that.

The ribbon is sewn to the end of the game board so when it's folded up you can tie it all together.

Here's a card with this die set too. Two of the grid dies are arranged to create a star of sorts, kind of like a quilt pattern. Talk about quick to make! And it definitely is not limited to Valentine's, or even love-themed cards.

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  1. You are the Queen of Clever!
    Happy New Year!

  2. LOL! You played tic-tac-toe against YOURSELF?? Wait, your left brain vs your right brain....right?? You are so cute!! I love the portable game and I would so do it in felt, too.

  3. Didn't you have fun with this new release??!! Your felt tic tac toe is spectacular, how cute would that be to play!!! And your design for the card is brilliant, your so clever!

  4. I love the little tic tac toe game. Ellie would love it too, and love how you created the quilted star!

  5. This is what I'm talkin' about! I love how out-of-the-box your brain is! Great way to show off these new dies!

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  7. You are so cute!! I love the portable game and I would so do it in felt, too.
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