Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Challenge for You!

Even if you don't pay attention to give-aways very often, I'd HIGHLY recommend taking a look at Winnie & Walter's Birthday Bash Celebration.

  • A chance to win all the stamps from 2014
  • ten different challenges, giving away $50 gift certificate each (they're open for a MONTH!)
  • A chance to be an April guest star (with stamps of course)
  • freebies
It's big, folks!

My challenge is to pick a stamp and rotate it multiple times to see what you get. Sometimes you can imagine it ahead of time, sometimes it's a happy surprise.  

Here are a couple examples of what I'm talking about, but head to the Winnie & Walter blog for more details and to link up your own creation. I really, REALLY can't wait to see what you talented folks come up with!

Here's the scarf from Stampets: Penguin. The two ends of the scarf make the sides of the petals, and the neck of the scarf makes the orange center.

You can rotate a word to come up with a fun design that's also part of the sentiment.

This is a card I made awhile ago, but it uses the same rotating technique to make a compass-like design.

Really hope you can check out this celebration, and enter a challenge, or two, or four, or ten!


  1. Wow! Kelly! These cards are fantastic! I love this technique! I don't enter give-aways very often (other than by accident when I comment and there is a give-away happening, lol!) but I might just need to take a look at this one. I love Winnie and Walter and I have not yet managed to get ANY of their stamps in my stash. Maybe that's a goal for 2015. ;-)

  2. So unique and fun! Love them all Kelly!

  3. Happy New Year, Kelly - and a heart-felt THANK YOU for leaving such a warm, compassionate comment on my most recent post. My dad passed away on Dec. 30th; my parents' 56 Wedding Anniversary. We're still in a state of shock, but we're okay-ish. I'll be staying with my mom for another two weeks; in times like these, work can wait. Your cards have brought a much needed smile and boost to my spirit! They're inventive, and oh-so gorgeous. My husband will be bringing some of my crafting supplies when he arrives this evening, and my W&W products will be included. Yayyy! Crafting is exactly the 'release and therapy' I need right now. Again, your thoughtfulness is soooo appreciated!

  4. OK, you caught my attention. Wonderful bunch of cards, and the challenge sounds, well, challenging. Happy New Year!

  5. Now that's a KG challenge! I'm hoping to try this technique and it will probably take me all month
    to be as successful as you. Thanks for always inspiring! Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  6. Oh what a smart idea rotating the stamp Kelly. Happy new Year to you gf.

  7. So cool ... and so creative, Kelly ... how perfect that you're our inspiration for this challenge! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas ... and a Happy and Blessed New Year to you and your family ... may 2015 be filled with all good things! Anita :)

  8. I tried this technique once before and wasn't happy with it. You have inspired me to try again.

  9. Such a great technique....I don't trust myself to be able to stamp that perfectly.

  10. you do things I would never dare to do, you are a master!


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