Friday, February 27, 2015

Functional Friday: Simple Stained Glass Effect

   Hi all! Time for another Functional Friday installment. In case you missed this post, I'm featuring one die from Top Dog Dies each month, and each Friday I'm sharing a different way to use the die. My hope is that even if you don't own that exact die, the ideas will translate to similar dies you do own.

I'm calling this a "stained glass" technique since some of the holes are filled in. Let's take a look ...

I cut the Heart Border Die in blue and, using the amazing dyer sheet technique, made sure all the pieces came out of the die. Then I cut the die in purple without using a dryer sheet and left some random hearts in the die.

When these are layered, it reminds me a little of stained glass, how some of the sections are filled.


I really like how this adds a see through element to the card without there being an empty hole. Definitely not rocket science, but just a little something different. The negative space was cut with the side of the Gift Tag Die Set. The transition from white to yellow looked a little abrupt, so I wrapped some gold thread through the area. When in doubt, add gold thread!

. I sure hope you don't mind, but I'm going to be cutting the heart border die at least two more weeks. Then I'm really going to have to move on to another die cut! Seriously.

Thanks for sticking with me on this one!


  1. Love the card especialy how the bunny it peeking Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh wow, this took my breath away! I was like how did she do that? Thanks for the explanation.

  3. I thought maybe with March starting you'd have a different die, but if you have more ideas for this one then keep on Kelly. You've made good use of, and shared great ideas with, this dies.

  4. Great technique and I love the shape you created for it. Cute little bunny to go with it too!

  5. Thats going to be some bunny's favorite Easter card!

  6. This is another super fabulous design, Kelly!! It's been a treat to see how you used this same die in so many creative ways!

  7. Kelly,
    you are amazing lady such a great take on the die love the stained glass look.

  8. LOVE totally rock that sweet little mini heart die and that bunny is about as sweet as they come!

  9. Another wonderful look at that die. Who would have guessed that you could do so much with it!

  10. Very nice card. Love how you used the die. Thanks for sharing.


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