Friday, February 27, 2015

A Week to Die For: One Minute Wonders


Welcome back to the last day of spotlighting winnie & walter cutaways! Lulu Fringe is the cutaway I was the most excited to get from this release. SO many possibilities!!

Lulu Fringe Cutaway
For this post I just focused on making flowers with it. It couldn't be easier.

Julie and Shay are, again, quite the thinkers ... the die does not have a cutting edge on the sides. !!! That means that you can keep cutting for as long as your ribbon/material/felt is. I'm thinking home decor projects, pillow embellishments, party banners, oh my!!

For this flower I cut 2 1/2 times the die size.

Then you simply fold it over,

and roll. Seriously could NOT be easier!

Add a little hot glue on the end to secure it and you're done.

Not bad for one minute's worth of work, right?!?

Here it is on a present. I used the same velvet ribbon for the band around the present, so it's a perfect match to the bow. With it being so large it really holds its shape well and doesn't flatten.

For the fabric tag backed with cardstock I used the Essentials: Katharine Cutaways. The stars are from Big Bang Confetti Cutaways. I made my own banner and folded it around the tag so the tails show from the bottom as well.

OK, what else?

You can change the material and cut just about whatever you can think of. The flower on the left is from a 25 cent sheet of felt (I'm sure I could have made at least 10 more out of that sheet). The flower on the right is from a really thick fleece. You can also force the loops to stay down by using a large brad in the center like the one on the left, or leave them up like the one on the right.

Here are more examples. The small green flower is from canvas material, the gold flower is from a very thin lame, and the larger green flower is from a bunch of leftover baseball print fleece (you'd never know, I just used the sections in between the baseballs).

I really had to stop myself and walk away from the fabric bins.

This flower is probably the most practical for card making. It's made from the super thin gold lame fabric so it flattens easily, but it's also stiff so it bounces back into place. Perfect to be flat for mailing and then dimensional for the person after opening it. Also, instead of rolling, I just adhered it to the bottom of my circle (cut from Essentials: Katharine and stamped with The Write Stuff: Love Story) to form a single layer.

 Here it is on a card. I was so excited about this one! The In a Word: Love Cutaways are in the background, a piece of gold star netting on top, and then the gold lame flower. It's all stapled together, just like the "hello" from The Big, the Bold and Happy Cutaways.

I love the kraft, gold and mint (inside) combination. The large word cutaways REALLY make it easy to cover a background quickly. I can definitely see doing this again. Originally I just had the flower and the gold star netting but I thought it needed something else. Adding more layers with the "love" cutaways and the "hello" cutaway really helped.

Anyway, thanks so much for joining us this week as we had fun with the new Winnie & Walter cutaways! I'm SO glad you stopped by!!!


  1. Haha, great minds think alike! Loved creating flowers with Lulu Fringe, too! Yours look amazing!!

  2. That gift looks so elegant! Gorgeous, and I just love the netting on the card, what a wonderful look, it makes the background almost rustic and it's a great contrast with the gold!

  3. What a fantastic tutorial, Kelly! Thank you for showing the Lulu Fringe Cutaway with different mediums. Your package and card turned out fabulous.

  4. Gorgeous card and I love what you can do with the Lulu Fringe Cutaway, thanks for sharing that!

  5. Well, only you could come up with such fabulousness! Who needs a gift if the wrapping is so amazing!

  6. So gorgeous, Kelly. Love what you did with that die.


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