Friday, February 13, 2015

Functional Friday: Gum Wrapper Valentine

Hi all! Time for another Functional Friday installment. In case you missed this post, I'm featuring one die from Top Dog Dies each month, and each Friday I'm sharing a different way to use the die. My hope is that even if you don't own that exact die, the ideas will translate to similar dies you do own.

This technique uses the border die as a wrapper. Specifically, to dress up a package of Extra gum for a Valentine.

Each Heart Border Die is big enough to make two gum wrappers. Since these valentines are for kids, I just used a piece of tape to secure the ends in the back.

I used the holes in the die to attach the sentiment, which is written on a heart die from the Diaper Card Finishers Die Set. Such a quick and easy way to make a pack of gum look special!

 Scenery: Stripes from winnie & walter fill the space on top and bottom of the gum. The sentiment is from The Big, the Bold, and the Happy. To further fill the top of the card, I randomly attached a few of the negative hearts.

These could easily be mass-produced for classroom valentines. We ended up going with a Minecraft theme instead this year, but given how popular the gum was, I am keeping this in mind for next year.

This free printable is given away by Rebecca on the Simple As That blog. So fun! The kids loved it today!

Here's Jackson making his deliveries in class. 

We had them play the balloon pop relay, where you run to the front of the class, pop the balloon by sitting or stomping on it (one kid grabbed scissors for his weapon ... you've never heard a louder chorus of "no's" from the moms!) and run back to your team. The nervous anticipation of the loud popping noise kept the kids jumping up and down the whole time! Love the expressions on each of their faces!

They also enjoyed the over-under balloon pass, 

and the balloon hopping relay. So wonderful watching them have fun today!

I was a bit melancholy since this is the last classroom party ever for my oldest. He'll be in middle school next year. Sigh. I suppose that means no more valentines too. These days are just flying by!!

Anyway, thanks so much for looking! See ya next Friday with another Heart Border Die project : )


  1. Super fun Kelly! Love the photos!
    Yes, time flies by, I can't believe my youngest is a senior in high school...sigh.

  2. Wonderful Valentine's projects, Kelly. Don't give up on classroom Valentine's just yet though. I had my boys pass them out to their Sunday School classmates, as well as some of the 'grandmas and grandpas' in church! And what kiddo doesn't want/like gum! Very cool. I can just imagine how much the kids loved these. Happy Valentine's Day! Bev

  3. Seriously, AWESOME! Love!
    And what fun photos!
    Happy Valentine's day! Enjoy!

  4. Love the pictures of the kid's enjoying the party. Your valentine ideas are fantastic.

  5. What a fun party!!! I love all your photos, just so sweet. Your son's Valentine's are just so adorable too. Love your idea!

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics from the party! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

  7. Love how you used that die cut for the wrapper, and all of your valentines are wonderful!

  8. What a wonderful Valentine idea with the die! I was looking at the party feeling a bit say myself because my youngest in now in fifth grade at middle school and moms are not "needed" anymore! How fast those moments go! I remember bringing chop sticks and candy hearts for a game to my oldest's first grade class like it was yesterday!

  9. Love these Valentine ideas! Those wrappers are so cute. Wouldn't it be great if we could just slow down time?!

  10. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your Communion Invite -- so lovely

  11. I loved them are very talented.


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