Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What is it?

What the heck, right?!?

 I recently found this stamp at the bottom of a box. I thought it was a frog when I bought it a decade ago rummaging through a pile of unmounted rubber stamps, but after stamping it for the first time I'm fairly sure it's an ostrich. Yes?

 This ostrich was IN OUR CAR while at a drive-thru wildlife park in Texas. Looks pretty similar.

 Regardless, it's ugly, and a little disturbing. I fell in love with the cat Mandi stamped in a quirky blue for the Less is More challenge to use

and thought I would try something a little quirky too. Maybe not the best card to give Grandma, but perfect for a dear girlfriend who gets your humor.

[Diane, if you happen to see this, you know what's going to be in your mailbox in January]

Thanks for looking!

Supplies used:
stamps:  unknown, Martha Stewart backgrounds, Michael's swak, American Crafts chevron


  1. Well I'm not sure what it is Kelly... Frog or ostrich, it's a cute card.
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  2. I agree not sure what it is but it is such a cute card.

  3. It looks like a frog to me. If it is, I expect to see it in my mailbox in October.

  4. Id say a frog
    Cool card!
    Thanks very much
    "Less is More"


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