Friday, August 3, 2012

A Month In Photos [July 2012]

I'm not thrilled that I lost momentum on Project Life (only complete through mid-February) and Month In Photos (again, stopped after February). But since the Month In Photos project is relatively quick to complete, I decided to pick it up again this month. Glad I did.

Here are the highlights:
- watching the moon rise over Lake Michigan while waiting for fireworks and playing in the sand at Summerfest (so relaxing, except for the police helicopter with the roving searchlight),
- over-the-moon excited to be at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show for the first time,
- happy that the boys still play with each other, and are into simple things like playing dress up,
- spending hours in the sand pit at the pool, and meeting friends while working on a common project, like digging a river that ends at my feet for a spa. Or burying someone in the sand.
- loving our routine of doing swim lessons, eating at Wendy's (20 nuggets with ranch, a large fry, and a crispy chicken Cesar wrap is $8.92), and relaxing at the pool the rest of the day with friends.
- RAINBOW ICE CREAM! a Taste of Chicago favorite. Jackson doesn't drip all over his shirt this year!
- treating the kids to ice cream on the beach after hanging out in Lincoln Park all day with friends. our order was large enough that we had to figure out the total and change for the ice cream guy.

Thanks for looking!

Rebecca at Simple as That has posted a free template for you to create your own Month in Photos and is hosting a link party for everyone to share their progress. 


  1. Love your photos Kelly! I grew up in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and you invoked many a childhood memory of swimming and Lake Michigan by your pictures and thoughts! :)

  2. I really like your month in photo...
    I was at the CHA too ;-)


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