Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Banner

I love having a versatile, neutral banner that can be used for any occasion. This one is up all year. Just update the message. To make a banner like this cut triangles out of different neutral fabrics (textures like burlap, terry cloth, linen, velvet work great) and use eyelets to reinforce holes on each end. Thread a ribbon through to hang the banners.

Die cut some letters (Cricut's Plantin Schoolbook alphabet), and there you have it. After each holiday I keep them in their own folder to be used the next year.

Bling is always fun to add. Old chandelier crystals from the flea market dangle on the end of each banner.

Sometimes you have to play around with the message to get it to fit on the number of banners you have. On this one, "valentine's" is all on one banner. For birthdays, "birth" is on one banner. Christmas, "christ" is on a banner. And you can use punctuation if you need another filler.

Again, a quick and easy way to stay updated on all the special occasions in your house.

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