Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scrapbook Page - 223rd Week of Being Brothers

As Cathy Zielski's Ten Tips for Better Type class at Big Picture Classes is winding up, she is encouraging us to make an original layout using what we've learned. In the spirit of Project Life and scrapbooking the "now", I decide to capture the relationship between my sons in this, their 223rd week of being brothers. I was VERY tempted to fudge a week and call it their 222nd week - how neat and purposeful of a title would that be?

Having the sewn grid helps me keep the clean and simple style. Each section has a snippet of the week - either in text or photo form.

To keep the layout manageable I hide several of the stories and photos under flaps. The flaps are hinged with a section of the Spyder plastic bag that was left on my desk from the Project Life layouts. Convenient, and it works really well!! The flap lays flat, unlike when I used a paper hinge and the flap kept popping up. You can see a glare on the fancy "bag hinge" in the top flap below.

Not only am I able to squeeze in more content, but I think the boys will have fun interacting with the page. Different hearts are stamped on the inside of the flaps to support the theme of brotherly love.

None of the stories are monumental occasions. They are ordinary life. Moments that would otherwise easily be forgotten. I do have a sort of peace knowing that these particular stories will be remembered.

If you're interested, here is the text from each journaling block (otherwise, that's it, thanks for looking!):

Jackson hits Dayyan. Later we find out it’s because “he was hitting my brother.” Hahaha, “No, Jackson,” we explain, “they are just playing basketball. Dayyan is trying to slap the ball out of Logan’s hands. That’s how you play the game. It’s OK.”

Logan (in a sweet, I’m-your-concerned-big-brother voice) comforts Jackson by saying that he probably would have won the Lego Star Wars video game if they didn’t have to turn it off right then. What a nice change from arguing about who is winning.

Jackson has 5 minutes to change into pjs, or he goes to bed as-is. Tonight he’s sent to bed without his shirt on. Logan jumps off his bunk bed ladder and tears through the clothes on our closet floor to find a top for him. And he finds one! “Otherwise he’d be too cold,” he explains.

Quite often we’ll wake up with one or more of the brothers in our bed. I wake up to Logan telling us, “Mom, Jackie is hugging me!” How sweet. Then you hop out of bed to play downstairs and Jackson is just as quick to follow you.

AND TO KEEP IT REAL, Jackson comes running into my arms in a crying mess 5 or 6 times today. Logan’s killing my troopers, Logan’s killing my Lego guy, Logan won’t let me win, Logan won’t play with me, Logan’s bombs are getting through my shield. Good grief!

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