Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Year In Review and 2013 Resolutions

Happy New Year!

 My sincere wishes for a 2013 that is filled with laughter, love, and peace.

I've loved reading the year-in-review posts from so many blogs recently, and thought I would give it a try myself. Here are my favorites:

(my first-ever card post! on the kitchen floor, at night)

(moved cards off the kitchen floor, but what's with the marble slab? Can't tell due to my poor photography skills, but the hearts, whale, and "waves" are floating in the negative panel space.)

(loved the easel card, but argggh, looks like another night-time photography session!)

(banner builder die)

Graphic Bird Patterned Card Orange Blue
(my only bird stamp)

Mothers Day Handmade Cards

 (first, and only so far, attempt at an "artsy" card)

July #2
(banner builder die again, and Papertrey tie dye technique)

(and with all the changes, sounds like it might be my last unless I fly somewhere)

(pennies to hold the lemonade straight)

(fun to take a stamp set, and a theme, and see what you can do with it)

(would love to use more vintage items in my projects, like these antique player piano rolls)

(first project with my Silhouette)

(barn stars that Amber Kemp-Gerstel showcased)

It was fun, and a little eye-opening to look back over the 2012 posts.

Based on this exercise, here are my resolutions for 2013:
  1. Avoid night-time photos (oh so hard for this procrastinator when there's a deadline involved!)
  2. Incorporate more of the vintage bits and pieces gathered in my years of flea-marketing
  3. Learn how to design with the Silhouette
  4. Find and try new techniques (like the barn stars)
  5. Do a few more artsy, or freestyle collage, cards
  6. Explore some topics more thoroughly (chalkboard, light)
  7. Draw inspiration from my collection of fold-down Victorian Valentines
 And some final thoughts:
With all my heart, THANK YOU for your support, comments, and inspiration in 2012, my first year of blogging. It has turned into WAY more than I thought it would ever be. What an amazing community of paper crafters we belong to! I feel so blessed to have met each and every one of you.
Thanks for looking


  1. These projects are wonderful! You are so talented....I'm so impressed with your precision and execution, can't wait to see how you'll wow us in 2013....and that #1 resolution is a hard one for me too! (especially in the winter's hard to get good light before or after work!)

  2. Dear Kelly,

    I find it absolutely impossible to think that you have been blogging for only one year!
    Your cards and everything you do (even the way you write your posts) always look both UNIQUE and PROFESSIONAL.
    Your retrospection is one of the best i have seen so far! Thank You, we learn so much from watching what you create and how you do it. I always enjoy reading about your feelings and thoughts. Don't be too hard on yourself, you night time photography looks excellent too ;-)

    I'm guessing that the CHA this summer is not in Chicago? oh no!!...i have to go check about that right away!
    Thank You for a marvelous post once again!

    I'm so happy to start the new year "knowing" you...

  3. Kelly, I don't remember where or when we "met" but I'm so glad to have found you! Not only are you an amazing designer (this post is just the tip of the fantastic project iceberg;), but you're such a kind and generous soul:) I love the way you approach design and I can't wait to see what's in store for 2013!

  4. WOW!
    Amazing projects, always so creative! Love your work and visiting your blog is always so inspiring!
    Hugs, Anni

  5. An amazing and oh so beautiful collection of art Kelly. You know I love your style and i am so pleased to have become friends with you this year in blogland. Your list of resolutions is perfect for me too. May 2013 be an exceptional year for you. Happy New year!

  6. Goodness Kelly what a fun look back! So HAPPY our paths have crossed in this blogging world. Looking forward to your 2013 creations ;)

  7. Kelly! I love your style and your comments are my favorite. here is to another fun year! It was that cool card in August that put you in my radar, and you have been soaring since.

  8. I can't believe you have only been blogging for a year. Your projects are just amazing, and it is such fun to see them all together like this. I know I will see more of you--everywhere I turn, you seem to be receiving well-deserved accolades. You know that I love all your projects, but have a special sweet spot for that darling owl, which I WILL case one of these days. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and crafty new year. It's been such fun to get to know you and follow (stalk) your blog.

  9. What a year you've had! Love your creativity and style! Looking forward to what 2013 holds for you!

  10. Love your review post! It's so fun to look back and see how much our crafting changes in the course of a year. :) Can't wait to see more from you in 2013!

  11. Awesome creations Miss Lady!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us this year....woot woot!!!!

  12. I love seeing everything you come up with Kelly - can't wait to see what the next year brings!

  13. Well, Kelly, that can't have been an easy task to narrow your 2012 creations down to a mere 12 favorites! I've been gob-smacked by your work and find it hard to believe you've only been blogging for a year! It's been an absolute inspiration and joy to get to know you!!

    So many crafters will be inspired by your art as the years go by. I love your genuine self. May you and your family be sweetly contented and healthy in the new year!! Mwah! Darnell

  14. Kelly you are such a special person and creative soul! Your blog and comments have warmed my heart so many times this year and your cards and projects always inspire me! I love your style and eye for design and the unique ways you think of using the products that we all know and love so much! I look forward to seeing more in 2013! Blessings and peace to you and your family!

  15. Hi Kelly,
    just love all of your cards! One is more beautiful then the other. You are definitly the Queen of cards!Thanks for sharing

  16. YAY, Kel!!! As the recipient of your creations for years now, I have been so happy to watch your blog explode, allowing you to share your talent with so many! Here's to your continued growth in 2013!!!

  17. Kelly, you have some awesome talent I love seeing all your creations!! Cheers to you in 2013, you ROCK!!

  18. Have been enjoying your blog and now I'm your newest follower!


  19. What a wonderful year you had!!!! Wishing you another crafty year ahead, happy 2013!!!

  20. I love this post...such fabulous eye candy! Happy New Year...I adore your style!

  21. Fabulous projects, Kelly! I think my favourite is the owl!
    Happy 2013, my friend!

  22. Kelly you always have such wonderful projects to share with us. It was fun looking back at them, some I missed. Love that layered owl,and gorgeous flower with the beautiful petals. Fun picture of you and TH how fun was that! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  23. It's so much fun to see how you've grown in your first year of blogging! Lots of beautiful inspiration here. :)

  24. Amazing progress from the beginning to the end of the year :) That owl card is probably my favorite!


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