Thursday, August 23, 2018

Brutus Monroe Color Bursts (and a fun return address stamp!)

Hello Folks! All week we have a collaboration going on between Winnie & Walter and Brutus Monroe. Both companies were so generous with their allowance that I was able to pick up a ton of really awesome things to play with. I'm super excited to share these projects!
My new favorite return address stamp (there are 7 other American cities available)!! It's not personalized, so I still need to write out my address along the edge of the globe, but I love that it has the skyline of the city collected into a tiny snow globe. And I'm vowing to start using some of my old postage stamp collection. It looks so pretty here!

Then we have the Color Bursts! Yay, I finally get to play with them!! Head over to the Winnie & Walter blog for the full post, but I'm so excited that I'll share a summary here too : )

Here's a color burst panel with a Brutus Monroe stencil on top, and Winnie & Walter stamps.The intensity of this color is amazing! The best thing is that if you're not happy with how it turns out (because at this point, since I have not idea what I'm doing, the results seem very random!) you can just wet your paper and add more color to it.
In the randomness of playing around with the color bursts, I ended up with a tree at sunset. Or at least that's what I thought this looked like! The nice thing is that once you're done with the color on your panel, most of the work for your card is finished. All you really need to add is the sentiment, so you don't take away from the color. And Winnie & Walter has so many die cut sentiments to make this part even easier.
 Then I tried making a tree! OK, not bad for a first try. It's artsy : ) Quick plug for the W&W rerun feature ... there is still a week left to add any projects inspired by The Write Stuff: Picture Perfect set. Love that camera, and how you can add patterned paper to make it fun.  

This card is my favorite ... just look at the COLOR!!! It reminds me of a field of pansies with the yellow centers.
And finally, a dripping rainbow. Certainly not a new idea, but super fun to create with these Color Bursts and some water. Also, do you see the Bottle Cap sequins?! They're flat, with fluted edges to catch the light. A nice alternative to the standard sequin.

After having all this fun playing around with the colors, I'm so bummed I didn't do this two years ago after getting to see Ken Oliver himself demo'ing these. It seemed a little daunting, but now I know it's not a big deal to try. I'm already looking forward to my next coloring session! The full post with more details is at Winnie & Walter if you want to check it out.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Let me know if you end up playing with the Color Bursts!
- Kelly


  1. Wow! These are awesome, Kelly!

  2. These are all so fantastic, Kelly. I love the flower spray in the corner of the love card, and your tree is very artsy and fun, but it's the Halloween card I've pinned. I have that stamp set and while I have a different brand of colors, I will definitely be trying to CASE your card.


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