Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Teacher and Medical Person ... Two New Ellen Hutson Leading Ladies!

Hello Folks! I was so excited when I first saw the two new Leading Ladies by Brandi Kincaid ... Medical Person and Teacher! Aside from being completely adorable (with lots of fun accessories) I love that they perfectly fit specific types of cards: get well and teacher thank yous.

With my two boys I'm always needing teacher cards. I didn't have a stamp that shows an actual teacher, so now I can really customize the card with hair color, favorite clothing, etc. to the teacher I'm sending it to.

I often don't buy coordinating dies with the stamps because I always think I can do the cutting myself if I need to, but the teacher dies for this set are great because they actually cut the arm out so you can have your teacher carrying whatever she needs to. Super fun! I gave her a couple books, naturally, and what any elementary school teacher needs to stay sane all the way through the closing bell ... coffee! Hahaha!

The variety of sentiments in this set is great for giving your card a lot of depth and impact. I think if I would have just had the "world's best teacher" sentiment it wouldn't have been as interesting as stamping all the thank yous and adding the gold A+. I'm also happy that the thank yous double as a background for the card. Sometimes I get stuck on what to put in the background. Don't over think it ... just stamp your sentiment a bunch of times!

Then we have the Medical Person ... ack! Love her! This set of accessories will make you feel like a kid playing with paper dolls, honestly. There are so many things you can add to your card. For this one I just chose the tiny pill stamp and made a rainbow of pills for the focal point. Hey, if you need to take pills, why can't they be a rainbow?!

What really puts me over the top with her is the STETHOSCOPE in the die set! It actually goes around her neck!! How cute is that just hanging out from the card? I didn't adhere it to anything; it's snug enough to stay put without adhesive. Which is great, because I love having things that can move and are interactive on a card.

 I think this card would be a great thank you for someone who was really supportive of you during an illness, and helped get you through some difficult times.

For this card with the Medical Person I recreated an emergency room that she's coming out of! 

I folded the card base a little differently, and made it open from the middle (like the actual doors would open). Then I cut two panels out of gray cardstock for each door. After cutting a square out of one of the panels, I used that as my guide to trace a square on the other panel, and on both flaps of the card base. That way I knew the squares would all line up.

Then I added a layer of clear acetate on top of the card base, and adhered the panels on top of that.

To complete the doors, I cut an extra strip of grey cardstock for the door handle, and a strip of metallic silver cardstock for the kick plate. Oh, and to make sure people know they are emergency room doors, I cut out the red emergency room "plus sign" and added that to the center of the windows.

I added her to be slightly tucked behind one of the doors, so it looks like she's on her way out to wish you well.

I really liked opening and closing the doors, and that you can see through the windows. The clipboard she's holding has a heart beat on it (another one of the accessory stamps) but you could also use that space to write or stamp an additional message. So many possibilities!

These stamps are ones you can really have fun playing around with. And, if you don't need her to be medically themed, you can just use the top half of her. The lady in pink on the rainbow pill card would be a kid in a t-shirt if you took the stethoscope off. So versatile!

Hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at these two new Leading Lady sets from Ellen Hutson! They just went in the shop on Sunday so no waiting if you have to have them (actually, it looks like the complete release is sold out already, but you can still buy them individually)!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

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  1. Hey, you rocker fan-girl... I totally thought I'd see a Bad Medicine card!! These all rock!! So fun hangin' with you and Lydia at EH today!

    1. Hahaha, you leave the best comments!! OK, so now we need to let Brandi know a BON JOVI set is next on our list. Leading Rockers series. She could make different 80's hair to put on him!

  2. So beautifully done, Kelly, in coloring and design.

  3. LOVE these ladies!!! And of course your cards are perfection! :)

  4. Incredible cards Kelly!! Those emergency room doors are fabulous!!


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