Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Perfect Reason Stamp Of Approval Release Day

Hooray! Release day! The Perfect Reason Stamp of Approval is now available!

To celebrate, I decided to try filling the entire card with the inspiration photo that this stamp set is based on, just to see if I could do it (psst ... there will be something special included with the collection that is VERY SIMILAR to this pattern to help you stamp.) It's a continuation of the card I made for the blog hop.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I admit that I got a little cocky and didn't press on the middle of the bird's body well enough. I think these inks have made me a little lazy!! I don't stamp nearly as hard as I used to ... you'll see a few spots near the pink bird's neck where I had to go in with some colored pencils to help hide.

But otherwise, again, the coverage with Catherine Pooler's ink is amazing. And these solid stamps are perfect to take advantage of that.

It didn't take me as long as I thought, especially since I had a little guide. It was like coloring by numbers, only with stamps! The detail I like the most is the grouping of tiny blue dots around the peacock feathers. It's great to break up all those orange shapes.

Just for fun, I took a photo of the aftermath, before I put all the stamps away from this card. Some blocks had five different stamps on them, front and back! I think I counted 22 stamps total. Good times!

Here's one more quick card to share. It uses the funky design from Everyday Mod, stamped in Tiki Torch once, and then two more times until I got to the end of the card (without reinking). Same thing on the other side of the sentiment. "Blessing" is stamped in Aquatini, as it's opposite from orange on the color wheel.

Sure hope you enjoyed all the projects from the entire design team this week! The collection is available at Catherine Pooler Stamp of Approval. Can't wait to see these designs around the internet. 

Thanks for stopping by!
- Kelly


  1. Oh my goodness Kelly, this looks like patterned paper!! Two incredible cards!

  2. Kelly, you da bomb of creations!! These two cards are drop-dead gorgeous!

  3. Your cards are awesome, way to rock the color!

  4. Lots of stamps, lots of work, and soooo well worth it, Kelly. These turned out fabulously! Such brilliant colors and fun images. That black sentiment panel on your first card really pops against all those colors and images. Love the "without reinking" card, too!! Great idea - I must remember this one! Bev

  5. Wow, you covered that card well, Kelly. I love all the bright colors. I don't have that many blocks to put stamps on but it's fun to look at them like that. I love the sentiment on the other card. You are a blessing, my dear.

  6. Absolutely adore that second card. What a great modern design!


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