Saturday, February 4, 2017

CFS Release - Daisy Chain, Full on Floral

Full on Floral! The latest in the CAS-ual Fridays release is quite appropriately named, I think. After playing around with some color combinations, this card was super easy to create. Another good possibility for gifting as a set of cards to someone. It's quick, since there's just one main stamp to ink up, but it still has a large impact due to its size.

The sentiment is from a previously released set Mwah. I repeated the orange in the flowers for the ampersand, and the pink in the flowers for the "smooches" to tie everything in. I love that the floral ends partway down the card to give you room for a sentiment. I always feel somewhat accomplished when I'm happy with a card and it's truly one layer.

I've got one tip to share on making the most of your mistakes: if it doesn't turn out right the first time, flip it over and start again. This was my first attempt at the card, where I inked the floral stamp in red, orange, yellow and green. When I got ready to stamp the sentiment on the bottom of the florals, I was stuck at what color to use that wouldn't get lost in all those lines. Nothing seemed to work, especially since the sentiment I wanted (hugs) has thin lines itself. I concluded that I had to omit green from the stamp so the low contrast yellow would be on the bottom and not compete with my sentiment. Instead of throwing it away, or saving it for a later use that will never come, I just flipped it over and stamped on the other side. Now I have a perfectly coordinated design on the back of my card. I'm pretty sure whoever receives will think it's an extra detail, and not realize it's actually a mistake.

Well that's it, folks! You've seen all the stamps and now they are ready for purchase in the CAS-ual store! Feel free to use my code "KELLY2017" which will save you 15% off any purchases, including this new release, at CAS-ual Fridays Stamps.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh you're so brilliant, Kelly! "I meant to do that!!" Perfect. Will definitely work with this, and why didn't I think of this myself, lol??!!!! Great card. Love the flower covered front (and back) of this. Looks great with this sentiment. Fabulous card!! Bev

  2. Stunning card, Kelly. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love what you did with that big background stamp, and you have inspired me to take a look at some of my big background stamps.

  3. Kelly, the way you carried the gradation of colors in your design from the floral stamp into your sentiment is so lovely. Thanks for sharing.


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