Saturday, May 2, 2015

NSD Make Your Own Background Challenge + the Move

    Happy National Scrapbooking Day!! What would this day be without a scrapbook page to share? My annual scrapbook page is better than no scrapbook page I suppose! Winnie & Walter is teaming up with Pinkfresh Studio to sponsor several challenges for this special weekend. Please see each blog for all the fun details. Sure hope you'll try one or more of the challenges (you do not have to make a scrapbook page)!


    I really wanted to document Whale Day at my first grader's school. He made the sweetest shirt, with his own idea to put both of our hand tracings on the back. Then he labeled inside the hands "me" and "mom". Then he drew a heart between them. Then he drew a smiley face on the heart. Awww, I was just so touched that he wanted me on the back of his Whale Day shirt, and then he went and drew this awesome heart between us! I had to stop thinking about it before I got teary in front of his friends!

    My challenge is to make your own background. I used the single stripe from Scenery: Stripes as a permanent guide for my journaling.  Cover Model: Multifaceted Cutaway is used as a stencil to make a background for the journaling, as well as to make a border around the entire page. I just masked off the edge and then sponged ink through the stencil.

    Having boys, I often stick with bold and graphic designs, so getting to work with Pinkfresh Studio's very whimsical Up in the Clouds line of products was a big treat for me. Love the puffy stickers and the gold rub-on above it! Even though there are hearts and pink involved, I think it's funky enough to be used for a boy's layout.

    Sure hope you're able to join in the fun at Winnie & Walter, Pinkfresh Studio, or both! Remember, you can do cards for the challenges as well : )

    I am in the middle of moving! We closed on the house yesterday and are trying to move as much as we can ourselves. Boy am I sore already. And tired. But it's so exciting! Every time I take a load into the house I smile. Can't believe it's finally ours.

    You can see a portion of my patterned paper collection in the back ... see that lovely column of white? Our garage door was left open while it was raining one day and the ends of many of the pages started warping : ( Luckily, most are back to normal now. I really panicked!

    We took two full loads over yesterday, and will do another one today before we take the truck back. It's hard to believe we have this much stuff! Then we will list our house next week. Our quick week-long bathroom remodel turned into 6 weeks, so our house is very late getting on the market. The bathroom remodel just finished Thursday at 9:45 pm when our electrician finally left our house. There are many balls in the air!

    Anyway, I'm anxious to see what everyone has been up to recently. Hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. So sweet! I love the hand prints! What a great memory to scrap and I'm hoping that the move goes smoothly!

  2. Oh how sweet is this layout. Love the story...melts my heart. And your new house! How awesome!!

  3. Very sweet scrapbook page. And, good luck with your move. Eyes on the will be amazing when you get all set up.

  4. Love that sb page! A sweet memory he'll treasure and share with his own little ones in the years to come, I'm sure. *sigh* They grow up so quickly! And congrats on the move. Scary, daunting, and tiring, but it will be so worth it, or you wouldn't be going! Hope all progresses well in the new place, and that your current house sells quickly. Take care. Bev

  5. What is this with everyone moving. I take it you didn't move far since you're doing it yourself, and I truly understand the tired and sore. I hope your former house sells quickly and you get back to your craft room soon.

  6. Ah, Kelly, thank you for sharing that sweet page! My heart melted, too! Girl, I thought I had a lot of paper, but you have a LOT of paper!! I hope the unpacking goes well (purge, purge, purge) and that your current home sells soon, so you have those monkey balls off your back!! Hugs, Darnell


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