Friday, July 19, 2013

CFC #110 + Adventure Pics

Wow, it was wonderful to see so many polka dot entries from last week! This week's challenge proves to be just as fun ... using numbers in your CAS creation. And the winner will receive a free stamp set from CAS-ual Fridays Stamps!

I wanted to use the number word strip from the CAS-ual Fridays Countdown set to count down to the sentiment. But I was SO unhappy with the result. It was just so. not. right. Bleah!

So I slept on it and crossed my fingers that something better would hit me in the morning. 

My idea was to stamp on paper that matched the fiery grades of color in the word "blast," draw a box around the numbers, and cut them out. Now they tie in much better to the card, especially since they lead right to the word "blast." Whew, no longer embarrassed to post this card!

Also thought I'd share pictures from our city adventure this week.

The night before I happened to catch a "top twenty" list of things to do in Chicago, and was interested in #7, the Osaka Garden. Never been there, never even heard of it. So we decided to go check it out. 

One of the things I love best about our adventures is finding new things in surprising places. I've gone to the Museum of Science and Industry since I was a kid, and had absolutely NO IDEA that it's on a pretty big lake. The entrance is on the north, and the building is so wide that it completely obstructs a huge lake on the south side. I'm sure this feature was used in the 1893 World's Fair that Chicago hosted since there were many canals between the buildings.

Side note: The Science and Industry is the only building left from the 1893 World's Fair since all the other 200 buildings were built of stucco, intending to be temporary. This one has a brick base since it was used to house the priceless art exhibits.

Anyway, we were all blown away when we came upon the Garden. For the most part, we were the only ones there for two hours. What a gem!!

Our activities centered around two main things. The first was following this green heron (on the rock), who let the kids get insanely close to it. 

Love this shot!!

The young heron lives on this tiny island in the middle of the garden. If you look closely, you can see it eating the catfish we watched it catch. If you look even closer, on the middle rock you can see a speck of white. That's her egg, just lying out in the open like that!

 The second activity was fishing. Old school fishing. Macgyver-style fishing. We started out wrapping string that Jackson found around some blades of grass. When the catfish started nibbling at it, we got a little hopeful and put some more effort into trying to catch one. 

 My friend had the great idea to bend her key chain in the shape of a hook, and put some berries from a tree nearby on for bait. (which of you moms are just focused on the detergent-commercial-worthy berry juice all over Logan's hands?!?)

Would you know, it actually worked!!

We caught the huge momma catfish! There was so much noise and commotion from our sheer disbelief that it actually worked, that the creepy guy never once moved from his spot on the bridge for all my fish pictures of Logan. Bummer.

Then they all wanted a turn to fish and made a line behind Logan. Who knew three bodies could fit on that tiny rock?

Being patient. So sweet.

The kids are needing some beach time in this heat. But first we walk to Promontory Point and check out the sculptures ("talk, talk, smile" is this triangular mesh sculpture).


And the view, holy smokes!!

(Much as it may look like we have no concern for our children's safety, there is a sizable ledge that extends to the water below this ridge!)

 It was designed by the same Alfred Caldwell that designed the Lily Pool from last week's adventure.

The South Side of Chicago is typically thought of as blue-collar and often a bit scary, but man, the skyline views simply cannot be beat.

 No self respecting adventurer would be stopped by a little rain. Luckily, especially since we hadn't gotten to the beach yet, it only lasted 10 minutes.

To 57th St beach!

Lake Michigan never warms up until August, at the earliest! But once you get over the initial shock it's quite refreshing : )

 The only picture of me ... in the long shadows of late afternoon. So in love with the glowing sun and the crazy clouds.

 How refreshing when your kids are interested in doing something you did as a child! Make a wish, and make it a good one.

Dinner is at Medici (blue sign on the building) where I had been earlier during a tour of Hyde Park. It's one of Obama's favorite places to go when he comes back to Chicago. My turkey/cranberry/nut/brie sandwich is wonderful!

We only let them sit together when they're being good : )

They even have a fresh bakery and ice cream shop next door. We saw them making bread for the next day in the back. And ordered ice cream. Dark chocolate is perfect for imitation facial hair, you know.

Just because it's 10:00 pm doesn't mean it's time to go home, especially when there's a fountain across the street on a 90 degree evening. It will be another half hour before we pack them up and head back home. 

Well you made it, tour's over! Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our weekly adventure!


  1. LOVE all of the little number words on your count down card Kelly, very cute design! Fabulous photos looks like the kids were having a grand time!

  2. Wow... thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos!
    So funny how a little thing like that can be corrected when you sleep on it!
    I just love your card Kelly! Everything fell in place so beautiful!

  3. I love your adjusted card. It makes the number stand out more. Oh, the wonderful adventure you had. The pictures are absolutely priceless as are the memories.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love visiting Chicago. When we lived in the Midwest we went there often. I miss that. Thanks for sharing your memories. And your is great. Love the clouds!

  5. Love the card, I like the modification you made, really makes it more zingy, if that makes any sense. Thanks for sharing your adventure pics! Living right outside DC we really need to make more of an effort to get in there!

  6. You don't ever sleep, do you! You are super mom! This looks like a wonderful day and makes me look forward to our trip to see you even more! (and oh yeah, the card is great too, although a countdown always makes me think "This is Ground Control to Major Tom"! lol!)Definitely better in the morning (although perfectly fine in it's original form, too!)

  7. What AWESOME pics!!! Your card is super RAD too!!! You ROCK....that is all. :)

  8. The perfect "fix" for your card Kelly - I am amazed at how often the fix seems obvious if I walk away from a project for a while. Love peeking into your adventures & love finding the hidden gems locally.

  9. What an amazing day! The garden is so beautiful and to catch a fish...super score! That picture with the heron flying away...that should win picture of the year! TFS!!! Oh...and your card...genius design!

  10. Hi, Kelly.

    First, and most importantly, thanks so much for sharing the pics of your adventure with the kids. It looks like everyone had tons of fun!

    Secondly, while the first version of your card was clever, you really hit the ball out of the park with the revised card. Putting the numbers in those bright colors was the perfect "solution"!

    Lastly, thanks so much for the kind words you left for "Dear Santa". Your encouragement means so much!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. What a wonderful mom you are--all those fabulous adventures and pictures. Your kids will treasure them. And, I think your card started out good, and moved to great after you slept on it and had that brilliant idea of having a count down.

  12. Hi Kelly! This is such fun, you are awesome!!! Beautiful pictures!

  13. LOVE your card, Kelly! The countdown is so creative and original--as always! AND I love my little pre-views of the Chicago! I felt that I am visiting the city already! LOVE love that! The kids photos are absolutely endearing and breath-taking! I love that shot of Logan catching the fish (eeek!)! You are one amazing mom/card-maker!

  14. Sleeping over ideas is always good coz then ur sub conscious mind starts working and it does wonders, just the way it did on ur card :) amazing as always and what a lovely garden :) I will surely visit this one once I plan a trip to Chicago :)

  15. Love your colorful word boxes - and what a wonderful adventure you had with the kids!

  16. Oh My Gosh your photos are amazing!!!!!!! You have captured summer beauty ,and happiness on your children's faces! Even more than that! Gorgeous! TFS
    Love your have a blast card too!

  17. Kelly your card rockets...I mean rocks! Great design. However, your photos stole the show today, thanks so much for sharing them. I agree with Marybeth you captured summer beauty!

  18. WONDERFUL photos!!!! Love your card too!!!

  19. An amazing card, Kelly, and an even more amazing adventure. The photos of your children brightened my afternoon. These fun trips you're taking will forever be etched in their minds. I can almost here voices from the future saying, "Remember that great day when mom took us to..." Treasured memories for sure. Bev

  20. Love the second version of your card Kelly! TFS and Thanks for your 'guiding tours' of Chicago, I love travelling, I enjoy these posts. Have a fabulous week!

  21. Your cards are gorgeous ! I really love the clouds :)

  22. Love the ombre numbers with the doodled frames! It looks brilliant!
    And what fabulous adventures you guys have! Next time I'm in Chicago I'm gonna tag along! :D

  23. I came back to check if you had anything new,and had a chance to read all the captions this time! Love the MacGyver fishing ! How fun that must have been . I saw that guy on the bridge too ...but I was not sure if he was with you. That was kinda creepy that he would not move . Maybe he was just enjoying the fun the kids were having ...I don't know! Love the bird in flight too.

  24. Hi Kelly! I agree with you about your card. The second one with the defined numbers is perfect!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful day with us! What a treat! Your photography skills are really awesome. That flying heron you captured is breathtaking and so are the amazing pictures of the kids going fishing with their handmade utensils. So refreshing!! I don't think that's creepy guy; he was immersed in fond memories of innocent fishing when he was a lad!

    Isn't a blog such a brilliant way to make a photo album?! Dang, wish we had this years ago. It is so much better than a photo album stuck on the shelf and you get to add all the commentary that you can't do in a photo album. I mean, don't get me wrong, there is nothing like a scrapbook, but this is a way to make a scrapbook when you don't have all the time it takes to handmake a scrapbook. Well done!! Mwah! Darnell

  25. WOW!!!!!!!!....Kelly! You are such an incredible story teller, card maker and photographer!
    I enjoyed this post so much! You have captured the essence of childhood, Summer and the city, all in one magnificent post!

  26. I can see the card was improved by your changes- it looks fabulous. Fab photos too- love your son catching a fish.


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