Friday, July 12, 2013

CFC #109 - Polka Dots + Adventure Pics

 Loved seeing all the different kinds of material used in the gallery creations this week! Such great ideas and inspiration. This week the challenge is to use polka dots. We're sponsored by Simon Says Stamp, who so generously is offering a $25 gift card for the winner of this week's challenge!

You may be thinking, "did she even read the challenge before posting this card?"

Upon closer inspection of my Die-namics Skyline die, I realized the windows are actually round ... and polka-dotted! I used glossy cardstock for the background, which allows a smooth blending of inks, especially the intense HA neon inks. The moon mask is from two circle punches. The cityscape is cut up and rearranged in back.

For those who may not know, Ramadan started on Wednesday. This card is for my friend Saira who goes on the city adventures with me. So the cityscape is also symbolic of our trips together. I wasn't quite sure how to make a Ramadan card, or what one even looks like, so I checked out a few on-line. Hopefully I got the idea right, and it's not off in any way!

Here are some pics from our adventure last week ...

Butterfly garden at Peggy Notebaert Museum

A true hidden gem of Chicago, the Caldwell Lily Pond is right outside Lincoln Park Zoo. Originally from the Victorian times, it was re-done in 1936 in the Prairie-style architecture that Frank Lloyd Wright is so famous for.

Creatures from the Lily Pond.

 Monkeys on the waterfall.

At the end of the day we always ask "favorites." This was Logan's favorite part. Perfect jumping rocks.

This is my favorite. Saira picked out a great Ethiopian restaurant for dinner (The Ethiopian Diamond in Edgewater). I had never eaten this cuisine before, so I was excited to learn that your food comes out family style on a huge platter. The fun part is that you use the tart "pancakes" as silverware to grab your meats and vegetables. 

I would not want to be a bus boy in a place with no silverware, especially when kids sit down!

 Jackson's favorite. The best frozen yogurt shop EVER! Lickety Split.

 It was late on a Monday night, and it was still packed with about 50 satisfied customers. I ordered a creation that started with red velvet cake, then added marshmallow fluff, raspberries, frozen yogurt, whip cream, and a cherry. Um, yes, we will be back!

How can this not make you happy?!?

Thanks so much for looking!


  1. Awww Kelly! So sweet of you to make that card for your friend, for that special festivity, it's lovely, I specially like the background, those colors and the moon, wow! I'm sure she will treasure it. And thank you for sharing your 'adventures', beautiful pictures.

  2. This card is so beautiful, Kelly! Perfect for the occasion :) and yes, my first thought was "where are the polka dots?" :D
    But seriously, I love the color scheme and how you did the sky; simply amazing! The pictures from your adventures look so much fun! Thanks for sharing them :)

  3. beautiful card and awesome treat

  4. I saw the polka dots!! You got the card for Ramadan spot on! As soon as I saw this on CFC, just came right here! Super awesome!

  5. GORGEOUS card Kelly - LOVE the cityscape!
    Looks like you had a fabulous City Adventure! I love eating Ethiopian too!

  6. Oh I've been eagerly awaiting pics of your city ventures! Love them...the kids are just adorable...I can only imagine the stories they must share. Your card is spectacular and love the evening sky!

  7. I love your card...I am moslem and not much card maker are moslem also a card like this is not so often to see on the blogs challenge....I love how your interpretation your trip with your friend and the kids are cuuutee...

    May I ask how you did the RAMADAN text? (we wrote in Indonesia RAMADHAN with H but some are writing without H) love your touch my feel cause I am still fasting now as I see your Card on the Casual Friday...

    Hugs, Monika

  8. I never realized that the windows were round! Your card is hauntingly beautiful, and I'm sure your friend loved receiving such a special card for Ramadan. Fun photos, too!

  9. Your card is just so gorgeous! I am in love with the deep purple! The windows look amazing! And now I want candy. HA!

  10. Kelly your card is fantastic! The neon inks background is so amazing, I am sure your friend loved her gorgeous card. Thoroughly loved the pictures of your city adventures. The kids are all so cute. I miss the days of kids eating with their hands! LOL


  11. I have never seen a Ramadan card, but this one is awesome. That rich sky and your polka dots are amazing - love how the neon blended to make the sky so dramatic!

  12. Oh my Kelly ... your work never cease to amaze me! LOVE your super creative and adorable Ramadan card! Oh my.. and thank you so much for sharing all the awesome pictures! Loved viewing them!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Sylvia xx

  13. Clever Kelly - I thought the stars must be your polka -dots until read the post. LOVE that you cut up the cityscape - gives terrific depth and the night sky is gorgeous! Looks like you are having great summer adventures.

  14. Hi Kelly,

    I would never have come up wiht the idea of using that die for the polka dot challenge! LOVE your card and enjoyed your family pics!

  15. AND there are polka dot stars in the sky! Love your card and that you focused on Ramadan. Fab family pics too, love!

  16. That background is freaking awesome! Loving the bright colors and great polka dot cityscape!

  17. I'm sorry but I am one that thought "where's the polka dots?". Didn't matter, though, because I love the card. The blended background is fabulous. Your city trip looks like a lot of fun.

  18. First of all.. I love your Ramadan card, the night sky is just amazing (I must try glossy card.. is that with re-inkers or inkpads??) I wouldn't know where to start with a card for that particular festival either!!
    Secondly .. thanks for sharing your photos... i can imagine how much mess James would make in such a restaurant!! the ice-cream parlour looks like something from a childs dream... yum yum!!

  19. Gorgeous! Your blended sky is perfect and the window polka dots are so clever!

    Thanks for sharing your fun pictures. The kids look like they're having a blast. :) The Ethiopian restaurant looks super yummy and the yogurt place must be a piece of heaven...

  20. Super card and what a fun post--I wish I could come on some of your adventures, especially the one that ends with all that candy.

  21. Wow, super fun post! My table looks like we don't eat with silverware. LOL Me and my oldest daughter are messy eaters. Your card is amazing, as always!

  22. Hey Kelly what a FABULOUS post, well the card you created is gorgeous, look at that sky its awesome, the butterfly is fantastic photo, the kids having all that fun, the dinner looks wonderful and frozen yogurt for dessert what could be better, this sure made my day thanks for sharing..

  23. I love your photography skills, felt like I was part of the adventure! and so glad to see a Ramadan card :))

  24. No way.....I live a block away from Lickety Split and The Ethiopian Diamond!!!! (not too spicy for you BTW?)
    I'm happy you had a nice time in the city and in my neighborhood!!!! and I love the card! I do see the poker dots (the windows and the stars)



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