Thursday, September 30, 2021

Four Different Ways to Stretch (Literally) a Portrait Layering Stencil!

Hello Friends! I've got four different ideas to share on using a set of layering stencils intended for use on a portrait card!

Wintry Forest Layering Stencils

This is the set I'm using for these cards today, the Pinkfresh Studio Wintry Forest Layering Stencils. The nice thing (on the pocketbook) is that there are no coordinating stamps, dies, hot foil plates, nothing. Just the stencils!

This is how the stencils are intended. There are five different tree layers to blend your ink through. This results in a forest with a ton of depth on your card. At this point, all you really need is a sentiment, and you're good to go.

This set also comes with a SIXTH layer, of snow! I got out the embossing paste and finished my wintry scene.

Just because your stencils are only wide enough for a portrait card, doesn't mean you can't use them on a landscape card. Just move them over! A literal STREEETCHING of your supplies!

I blended ink through most of the stencil, and then before I got to the end, I picked it up and placed it right next to where I left off, taking care to start where one of the trees started. Otherwise, half of a tree might look unusual ; )

This time I only used three of the layers, and left the snow off so I'd have a more solid background for my white sentiment.

While we're talking landscape cards, how about go big and try a landscape slimline card?! For this long card I've only used two of the tree layers. 

I put a star right over the seam where I joined the two portrait stencils (although if I had been a little more careful I could have definitely avoided that seam).

Love that the alphas for Silent Night filled the whole card! Using a fancy upper case N really helped stretch it all out.

Finally, for the last card I made a portrait slimline card. On this one, I moved each of the tree layers higher than they were intended to be. This is a great way to stretch the design to fill a card this tall.
Hopefully you have some ideas on how to stretch your stencil supplies. Let me know if you figure out one to stretch!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I do love that tree stencil and the Christmas sentiment stamps. Lovely cards.

  2. Beautiful cards and tips for using them many ways! Now if that stencil set would be restocked...

  3. If anyone can stretch a product it's you, Kelly. The various ways you used that stencil are all great and the resulting cards are beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the tips, Kelly! Your cards are fabulous!


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