Thursday, October 15, 2020

Tips on Being Creative with Your Supplies - Altenew Precious Florette

Hi Friends! Wanted to share a quick tip for being creative with smaller images in a stamp set, or mini-sets like the new Altenew Precious Florette.

Mini Delight: Precious Florette

When I get a set like this I try to picture what shape these stamps will make (a teardrop crystal, like the ones that hang from chandeliers), and then what larger shape I can make from there.

For this card, the image I pictured was a Christmas tree made of hanging gemstones. So then it was pretty easy to go about the design process. On a scrap sheet of paper I stamped out an outline to see how many gemstones and how many rows would be required.

Then  the fun part came of picking all the different colors to fill in the facets! I love how this set allows you to make pretty realistic-looking gems with all the different color options. 

The "trunk" is a great spot for your sentiment, keeping the card more clean and simple. The rectangular Joy and Love from Holiday Tag Sentiments is the perfect shape for this!

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- Kelly


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Mini Delight: Precious Florette


Holiday Tag Sentiments


  1. WTG with originality! I enjoy your random coloring of the gem facets. The tree is more interesting with that variety!

  2. What a great idea Kelly, this is so pretty!

  3. Oh the things we learn when we take the time to read things. I have so much to read and not enough time in the day but I'm so glad I read this one. thanks for inspiration.


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