Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Another Sighting of Lil' Squatch!

Hi Folks! I admit, I've completely fallen for the Lil' Squatch we saw in the last Essentials By Ellen release ... so much so that I just couldn't stop bringing him to life after the first two cards I made. Here are two additional cards featuring this "unbelievable" guy!

This card uses the Alpine Windows Die Set to set the stage for the Squatch's home base in the snowy mountains. I do like that it's just on a portion of the card to give you a feeling of mountains, without having to cover your whole card in mountains.

Lil' Squatch is sitting on a tree stump that I had to modify from the original in Backyard Party. The original stump is about 75% of this size, which isn't big enough for him to rest his hands on. I made a bigger stump by not inking the right edge of the stump, stamping, not inking the left edge of the stump and stamping. The lines of the bark help to camouflage where it was cobbled together.

Just love the expression on his face ... it looks like he really is just sittin' there, thinkin' of you.

The other card I made uses the sentiment that plays on the lore of the Sasquatch. It's awesome that the sentiment works both ways ... believing in Sasquatch, and also believing the recipient of your card is capable of great things. The footprints leading into the forest also help when you're trying to track these guys down : )

Since he's really a woodsy big foot here, I covered him in brown fur. And only stamped half of him, as he's quite difficult to capture on film.

Here's a recap of all my Lil' Squatch cards. I'm sure there will be many more to come, especially with my teen boys and their friends!


Supplies Used (affiliate links used, at no additional cost to you. Thanks so much for your support!)

Lil' 'Squatch by Julie Ebersole, Essentials by Ellen Clear Stamps

Lil' 'Squatch by Julie Ebersole, Essentials By Ellen Designer Dies

Alpine Window by Julie Ebersole, Essentials By Ellen Designer Dies

Backyard Party by Brandi Kincaid, Essentials by Ellen Clear Stamps

Backyard Party by Brandi Kincaid, Essentials by Ellen Designer Dies


  1. I've been trying to be really, really good, Kelly. But after seeing these cards, I'm pretty sure I'm about to be bad, and "add to cart" over at Ellen's! These little Sasquatches are adorable, and I love the cards you've created with them. Sooooo cute! Hope you're not getting the snow we are today...poor trick-or-treaters! Sending hugs. Bev

  2. Fixing that stump so he could sit on it was very creative, Kelly. It works perfectly for the scene as does that partial image on the second card. All your little squatch cards are fantastic.


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