Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Chibitronics Sweet Stamp Shop Blog Hop


Hi folks! The design teams from Chibitronics and Sweet Stamp Shop are collaborating this week and have come up with some really great projects! You can see them on the blogs of both companies. I'm on the Chibitronics blog for Day #2 with this card, featuring a glamper (defined by Wikipedia as "luxury camper"). I firmly believe banners and bunting make everything better. Apparently, retailers think we all share this opinion, as it seems like every holiday now has several different pre-made banners available to purchase. If only banners on a camper can keep the mosquitoes away, right?! But I digress...

On this card the camp fire and the widows in the glamper light up once you pull the tab. Wanna see?

The yellow and orange vellum on the fire makes it glow nicely. Although it's a little more complicated, I do prefer the pull tab method for turning the lights on as opposed to pressing on an area of the card. It's a little better to control, and makes it more apparent to the recipient what to do, I think.

Here's a quick video. More information is on the Chibitronics blog if you're interested. 

Thanks for looking!


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