Thursday, March 30, 2017

Concord & 9th You Are Here

Hi Folks! You may have seen this gorgeous stamp from Concord & 9th already ... the two flowers that form a heart?! Ack! Gorgeousness! With the current coloring trend I'm sure this You Are Here set has been flying off the shelves. Let's take a look ...

 I am not a phone person. Not sure why, but talking on the phone often makes me uncomfortable. Fear of awkward pauses, not knowing how to end a call politely, not being able to focus on doing other things, those all may play into it. But unfortunately, I'm sure it leaves friends and family feeling like I'm not thinking of them, which is certainly not the case. That's why I made this card, for my husband's grandma. I think of her all the time, but sadly don't call as often as I should. She loves getting mail so I'm excited to send this off to her.

I embossed the flower/heart in white and then colored with the zig clear color brushes. Very elementary coloring, as I just got my zig watercolors, but I was excited that this was done with only one pink and one green marker.

This card is a take-off from Concord and 9th's recent Celebrations and Butterfly interactive card, where it opens from the middle by sliding the two halves of the image away from each other. 

Like this. I actually made two purple hearts. One I cut cleanly down the middle, but the one on the left (under my thumb here) I cut around the flower shape so it would overlap slightly. This avoids a gap in the middle.

No gap in the middle.

Here's what it looks like opened. You can see the overlapping half of the heart, with an arrow behind it to help the recipient figure out how to open it.  I stamped "prayers" from this set repeatedly along the bottom of the card for the sentiment.

 I know this flower/heart image from You Are Here will be a staple for me to experiment with coloring. It's attractive because, well, it's floral, but it stands out from the hundreds of other florals because it's shaped like a heart. Such a smart design! Tomorrow I've got another set to explore, and there are about ten cards that I'll be sharing. Sure hope you come back to check them out!


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  1. Wow, Kelly, you never fail to amaze! This is gorgeous ... and so clever ... love how you've created a closure with that beautifully coloured heart bouquet! Your DH's grandma will treasure it! Hugs, Anita :)

  2. You've knocked my socks off yet again wtih your creativity!! Beautifully done Kelly, this is incredible!

  3. Gorgeous watercoloring! I really need to get some of those Zigs! And I love the closure on the last one!

  4. I too suffer from phone-phobia, Kelly, and you left out fear of intruding on someone's time. That's why I do mostly texting. And sending my handmade cards. Your interactive heart is so clever and the two-Zig coloring on the other card is amazing. I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.


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