Friday, January 20, 2017

Create Your Own Checkerboard

Hello! For this masculine card I wanted to create a cozy, knit checkerboard as the main focus. I have a few photos showing how I did this if you're interested ...
 Using my MISTI, I stamped the sweater border stamp from Catherine Pooler's Holiday Mittens Set along the entire panel. Since the height of the sweater stamp is 1/2", I moved my card down 1/2" to stamp each color. This gives you the luxury of consistent, even spacing. 
Knowing the height of the horizontal sweater stamp is 1/2", I cut 1/2" vertical strips from the panel so that each block of color would be a square.

Once all the strips were cut, I turned every other strip upside down so they alternate directions. 

Then it's just a matter of putting adhesive on your panel and attaching all the strips to the panel. Fun, right? You can get so many different looks with this technique. I wonder what rainbow colors would look like?!

I embossed a few words from Catherine Pooler's You're Amazing set for the sentiment. Before all the strips were completely adhered to the panel, I wove the "because" strip through to tie it in and make it a little more interesting. 

If you are a Stamp Nation member, you still have time to join any or all of the challenges to celebrate their 6th birthday and win some prizes. This card was featured in their Lime Rickey Challenge to make a masculine card. Masculine cards are typically not as fun for me to make, so this challenge is exactly what I needed!

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  1. Wowza Kelly, incredible stamping! This is cool!

  2. Cool idea Kelly. Gives the illusion that they are little tiny squares all cut like in the numbers game we used to play where you moved the numbers around to put them in order?

  3. Very creative idea, Kelly, and it looks so awesome. Beautiful card!

  4. I love this idea, Kelly. It reminds me of strip quilting. Weaving in part of the sentiment was also a great idea.


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