Friday, December 23, 2016

From OWL of Us

Hi folks! The inspiration for this card actually came from the title of Winnie & Walter's new Happy Owlidays with Evelin Tee Designs stamp set. I figured I could create my own play on words, using letters from another new set Typecast: Cary. Instead of "Owlidays" I went with "from OWL of us". And then stamped three owls. Hahaha, I crack myself up sometimes : )

 The owls are masked and colored with copics. I used the masks again to sponge some aqua ink (from Catherine Pooler's new ink set) behind the owls. You can easily multiply the owls for however many people the card is coming from to create a custom card. Finally, the "from all of us" sentiment was modified by replacing "all" with "OWL".
I'm always interested in a person's creative process, and how/why they modify specific details. Here is the first version of my card. The third owl originally had a beige and melon stripe scarf. After I colored it I started thinking I shouldn't have introduced another color on the card. No way I was going to scrap all that work and start over, so I just stamped another owl on a scrap piece of paper, colored the new scarf green, cut it out and adhered it right over the old scarf. So easy to change things up.

The nice folks at Paper-Garden invited me to participate in a Holiday Card making contest. If you haven't checked them out before, they have a large assortment of cardstock and envelopes, among other things.

Have a wonderful holiday season!!


  1. Just my type of card, Kelly, with owls and puns. I have a large collection of owls but since there are only two of us I'd have to stick with owlidays. Happy Owlidays to you and yours.

  2. Fun, cute and completely adorable, Kelly ... as ever, so wonderfully creative! Hope you had a Blessed Christmas! Hugs, Anita :)

  3. ADORable...just love your sweet trio of owls! Happy New Year.

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