Friday, July 1, 2016

When I'm Compelled to Use a MISTI

Hi Folks! Today's card is a great illustration of when I use a MISTI (most incredible stamping tool invented). Although it usually takes me hours to make a card (including all the time thinking about what to do), I'm generally a pretty lazy crafter. If there is a short cut to do something I will take it. So often the thought of bending down to get my MISTI, making room on my table for it to open all the way, positioning the card/stamp, etc. prevents me from using it. But there are a few times, like with this card, where I will happily invest those extra few minutes to avoid certain disaster.

Can you tell what prompted me to use a MISTI for this card?


It annoys me to no end that despite how hard I press down on a stamp, if I'm masking a large area there will be sections near the mask where the ink does not transfer. The area below the "h" is a great example here. So much white space remaining. 

Before owning a MISTI I would have either tried again, or tried to fake it by filling in the area with a very fine-tipped black pen. That usually results in lines that just look "off" and also takes quite awhile.

With the MISTI, I can stamp the sentiment as many times as I like to better fill in that area. You can also see that the sentiment is much darker and crisper now. So worth the extra few minutes!

Here's a closer view. You can see I slightly overlapped the flower masking just in case there were any areas where the sentiment didn't stamp (old habit!)

What situations do you pull out your MISTI for?
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Thanks for looking!


  1. I love the cascading flowers below the sentiment, Kelly. I use my Misti most for large sentiments like you did or layered flowers.

  2. LOVE this beautiful and I love how you made it too. Happy 4th of July!

  3. Great card. I use the MISTI a lot for lining up sentiments, along with the transparent grid paper. I can get even placement and stamp again if I need too. Since I often times stamp the sentiment last, this prevents me from starting all over!

  4. Oh boy dod I LIKE this!! Might have to lift this idea Kelly, it's a beauty!!


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