Sunday, May 29, 2016

Middle School Graduation Card for a Boy

Hi Folks! I've been working on a middle school graduation card for my cousin's son. Ever since the kids were little, they've enjoyed playing cards at our family camper, so I thought the In the Cards set from CASual Fridays would be perfect for his card.

The MISTI stamping tool came in so handy for making this set of cards! I was able to keep the large and small spade and the same spot every time, and then just switch out the different numbers. I have to be honest, usually I'm too lazy to get out the MISTI for stamping, but for this situation it was a life-saver.

I just put the cards in the pocket so they would be removable. You may also notice that I've invented a new suit of cards ... red spades! His school colors are red. It's definitely not the case that I got mixed up : )

Seriously, could the Tin Roof background stamp be more perfect for the backs of cards?! I think I even have some actual playing cards that look like this!

You could also stick in some money here, or potentially swap out the 10 card for $10. I could go either way on this version.
This card is over at the CAS-ual Fridays Stamps blog today if you'd like additional information. Feel free to use my code "KELLY2016" which will save you 15% off any purchases at CAS-ual Fridays Stamps.

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a wonderful idea, Kelly. A cute card that can also be a money holder. Perfect! That tin roof stamp does look like cards I've seen.

  2. Fabulous are so clever!

  3. Those cards are so fun! Love the papers you chose too!

  4. Kelly this is so cute!!! Deal me in!!! Let's play cards some day! xx

  5. Fun graduation card for a middle schooler.

  6. Very clever card, Kelly, and perfect for your cousin's son and his love of card games!


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