Thursday, April 28, 2016

CAS-ual Fridays Stamps Release: Day 4

Hi Folks! Welcome back to more peeks from the CAS-ual Fridays Stamps release!

I love a good cheerleader card, and the new Bravo stamp set is perfect to create one, especially with a stamp that says "hip hip hooray!" Stamping the "hip hip" multiple times in rainbow colors is an easy way to fill up a card base.

I could have left it all text, but for fun I added some flowers from the first day in coordinating colors. And sequins from Lucy's Cards. Gotta have sequins! This could easily be a one-layer card if I stamped "hooray" directly on the card instead of a solid piece of cardstock.

Here are today's sets, Bravo and Smiling Fri-Dies.

This one I was particularly happy with, especially since my husband "got it"in the first few seconds after I held it up.

 Does it make sense to you?

It's supposed to look like a tux with a white shirt and outlined details in purple glitter. The "outlined details" are actually more than that.

Yes? No?

It's the word "bravo" mirrored and turned on its side. 

To get this look, you overhang the word die slightly past a folded piece of cardstock, run it through the die machine, and then open it up. You can do this with any word die that has a fairly straight edge across the bottom. It's an easy way to make your sentiments a little more interesting and challenging to figure out.

The "B" makes a great bow tie, and I thought the vertical lines of the rest of the letters turned sideways make good shirt ruffles/wrinkles.
Our cousin just finished med school, so he will be getting this one in the mail. The tux theme is great for a special occasion that needs celebrating. I still can't get over how perfect it is that the "B's" resemble a bow tie. For the jacket, I made a cut down the middle of the black cardstock, and then bent the lapels backwards. Pretty darn easy.

Check out the rest of the Ink Squad to see more awesome projects with these stamps:

Thanks for looking, and come back tomorrow for our very last day!


  1. Fun self stamped bg - original use of the bravo

  2. You always inspire me with your clever designs Kelly!! These are fabulous!

  3. Lovely first card
    and interesting look
    to the second one.
    Carla from Utah

  4. Your first card is fabulous with all that stamp layering. The second card is so clever. You are awesome at using the dies!!

  5. Eek! Love the shirt! It kind of reminds me of Prince, just because he's in the news now. I love the look!


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