Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My New Favorite Birthday Card ... Happy Dances, Bev!

It's my pleasure to wish Bev of Happy Dance a fabulous birthday! She doesn't always have it easy in life, but she always comes to the table with a positive outlook, and it's quite infectious. You can't come away from her blog without a huge smile on your face! 

My birthday card for Bev is inspired by her in two ways:
1) quite obviously for Bev's readers, the "Happy Dances" sentiment that Bev is known for; and
2) this awesome card that Bev stamped and colored ...

I was so excited when I saw it ... my mom and I used to pass the time coloring like this when I was a kid. When we ran out of coloring books, she would draw a large scribble and then we would color in the sections. So simple, but it was SO FUN!!

 I didn't have Bev's scribble stamp, but was excited to try my own doodles. They're a little wonky, but I'm telling myself that it adds to the whimsical feel : ) Also, since all my Spectrum Noir alcohol markers have dried out (so not happy about this!!!) I used watercolor instead. The softer feel ended up working out for this card.

Here's the paper inside ... it's American Crafts. The sentiment is die cut from AC glitter paper. I was pleased to find a "happy" sentiment with a doodled circle around it, although I guess I could have added that doodle around another "happy" stamp. The small "it's your birthday" is from Winnie & Walter's Bubble Talk. I didn't have that stamped at first, and the card looked unbalanced. Now I'm happy, and in fact, I think this is my new favorite birthday card!

Here's the envelope I made for it.

A few of us (who were organized by the ever-thoughtful Darnell) are posting our cards on gracious Ardyth's blog if you want to stop by and add your own well-wishes. 

[side note: did you know that if you typed "ardyth" in google search, MASKerade is the second result that comes up, only after novelist Ardyth Kennelly? Ardyth is the "Cher" of the card-making world, and beyond, it seems! I'm so jealous!! Then I type in "Darnell" and djkardkreations is the third result that comes up. We have famous friends, people!!!]

Anyway, thanks for sticking with this longer post. Happy Birthday, Bev!!


  1. Wow, this is a beauty, Kelly ... those fantastically coloured beautiful rainbow scribbled circles are gorgeous ... what a stunning CASE of sweet Bev's card! Anita :)

  2. Well ,this is as perfect as it's gets! What a wonderful card for Bev! How funny her card was like something your mom used to do. Love this Kelly!

  3. This is fabulous. I have never seen anyone color in doodles like that, and now I want to try. Love how the water color softens the look.

  4. I know exactly which card you cased and this one literally dances with joy! So glad you came to the party!

  5. I had to come back now that I've come by your blog in my reader, rather than leaping from the link up and have now properly read your post - you make me laugh! If you've seen my FB cover photo, you'll know you can get a coke bottle with Ardyth on it right now....not so unique after all! Still, it's nice to be 'Cher'! lol!

  6. Such a fun card, Kelly! Now I want to try scribbling some circles and coloring them!
    A great take on one of Bev's cards and thanks for the bits of trivia on "Ardyth" and "Darnell".

  7. Love what your mom did for your as a child. will have to remember that for my grandma bag of tricks!! CUTE CUTE card!

  8. Oh, yeah, well do you know that I just typed Griglionne in Google and Notable Nest came up as the fifth item on the list? So you are pretty famous yourself, Kelly!! (With my last name, my bog is nowhere in sight!) Thank you for including me in that category with Ardyth, BTW!!

    But that's not why you called! Your fun and colorful card for Bev is a perfect CASE of her equally fun and colorful card, both CASlicious!! My mother didn't draw circles for me to color, but I certainly remember doing it for myself. Did you ever draw a doodle line with your pen or pencil that went back and forth on top and around itself but the lines never touched and you never lifted the pen from the paper until the paper was covered? And THEN you colored in all the pieces like stained glass? Ah, thank you for those memories and thank you so much for coming to Bev's party!! Hugs, Darnell

    1. That is too funny, Darnell! I checked to see what came up for "Griglione" and Brad's cousin and uncle (both doctors) are #1, #2 and #4. Apparently there is a silver medalist swimmer who is #3. So, that's got to tell you that there aren't a heck of a lot of Griglione's out there in the first place : )

      And no, I've never heard of that line drawing game, but I just tried it on a scrap piece of paper. Fun!! It's like a paper-crafter's version of the light cycle races in Tron! Such a challenge to color in afterwards. So glad you shared that, Darnell!


  9. Kelly I love this card that you made for Bev, the colours and funky design are amazing!

  10. FUN and I love how you use colors and shape -way creative Kelly!!!

  11. Oh Miss Kelly....Let me apologize for being late with this. I'm spending much of my time caring for DH, which while time-consuming, is a nice thing; lots of nice quality time. Anyway...Did you hear my jaw hit the desk? Miss girl, this is an amazing card. No, wait. It's killer diller, and I just love it. Then I scrolled down a bit and kept reading, and here I find out it's a CASE of one of mine...well, you've blown straight past me, and right into the heavens! Sincerely gorgeous, my friend, just like you. Thank you so much for making my birthday so special. And thank you for the sweet post; you've given me a smile that just won't quit. You're the best, my friend. Big hugs, Bev


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