Friday, April 26, 2013

Fusion Challenge #4 PLUS a Really Cool Pinterest Tip for your Blog

Well so far it looks like the winning cards you've chosen at the Fusion Challenge have been based on a FUSION of the inspiration sketch and photo. How interesting!

As a Scientist for the sketch challenge, I will not be looking at the photo to make my card. Which, after you see my card, may have you a little confused. 

My card colors are EXACTLY the same as the ones in the photo! Completely coincidental. Two months ago I printed off all the sketches and taped them to my blogging calendar, which is what I've used to design the Fusion cards. The first time I'm seeing the photo is right now as I'm writing this post. How strange!

 Anyway, I knew I wanted the large circular element to be a monster head. Originally, I was going to use the inverse of that second circle to make a monster head with its mouth open yelling "happy birthday." Not a bad idea, it just wasn't working so well. So that little circle got switched to a thought bubble of another alien.

I copied the felt alien head design right from the stamp, and added an "X" for the nose to both. The eyeball, nose, mouth and fangs are all stitched on the felt. I really like how he turned out. Kinda like the ugly doll pillows. I used watercolor pencil to color the stamped alien because markers were too intense for someone who is just being thought about : )

Sure hope to see you in the Fusion Gallery this week. Remember to link up your cards by Wednesday.

PS. Has anyone heard about the ability to link Pinterest boards to your blog?! I was SO THRILLED that I stayed up WAY past my normal late bedtime last night (the sun may have been coming up already) to play around with it.

 I've always wanted a gallery with just one thumbnail of each project so someone new could take a look and immediately get a feel for your style. For my blog AND for blogs I visit. I know you can sort on categories, but you are still stuck with the full post. I just want a tiny picture to see them all in one place.

See the new pages on the top right of my sidebar? I have a page with thumbnails of the last 30 cards that I've posted to my Notable Nest board in Pinterest. It updates automatically, people!! That is so awesome, no extra work to maintain, aside from your normal pinning. I also created boards/pages for the two series I've done on boxes and quatrefoil. So now you you can see on one page the entire set. LOVE THAT!!

You can even link them in your posts:
Gallery of Last 30 Cards
Gallery of A Study In: Quatrefoil
Gallery of A Study In: Boxes

If anyone's interested, I'll do a post with some how-to's later.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Another example of taking it to the next level! I love your fuzzy monster and his dreamy thoughts about another monster! And I'm definitely interested in your Pinterest discovery - awaiting details!

  2. So fun! Loving the felt monster and also the embossing on the base, a card that every boy will love!

  3. Such a fun card with your own felt monster! Love it...and thanks for the pinterest tip!

  4. Eeek this is too much fun Kelly! Thanks for the pinterest info too!!

  5. What a cool card. I love that the colors ended up the same as the photo. Thanks for the Pinterest tip. I never thought about adding a board under pages. Gotta give that a try.

  6. LOVE your card - the felt monster is too cute! Thanks for the pinterest tip - I'll see if I can figure out how that works......

  7. Kelly your card is fabulous--I love your monsters and I LOVE how quirky things like you described happen. Maybe you have a 6th sense! That Pinterest option is so freaking amazing! Would love some how to's, but I an off to investigate!

  8. Great card, Kelly! Love all that fun stuff!
    Yes, PLEASE, let me know about that Pinterest link-up!!!(Actually, I am also off to look myself, but I bet I understand your how-to better!)

  9. Your card is so adorable, Kelly! I'd love a tutorial on how you link to my Pinterest boards from my blog...

  10. Completely cute, Kelly ... love that you coloured the speech bubble monster in watercolour pencil because he was only being thought about!! So interesting about Pinterest ... thank you ... I finally gave in and signed up last week although I've done nothing with it yet! Some how-to's would be great! Anita :)

  11. I had to smile about the "thought about" alien. You think of everything. I'd love to know more about the Pinterest thing. Do you have a separate Pinterest account for your blog?

    1. Hi Bobby,

      Nope, you don't need a separate pinterest account to do this. All you need to do is create a board for what ever you want to have a gallery for. So, if you want all your cards to show up, just create a board with your blog name, pin everything from your blog to that board, and you're all set. OR, if you want different categories, like all cards that use the quaterfoil die, then just create a quatrefoil board on pinterest, and pin all your quatrefoil cards there. Couldn't be easier!

      Email me if you have more questions : ) I'll do a post on this next week.


  12. Your card is clever and one-of-a-kind.
    And, I would love more tips or a tutorial for your pinterest tips. I am a bit of a neanderthal when it comes to computers, I'm afraid.

  13. I dont' know what to say about this one Kelly...the alien is crazy but I do like your blog idea on the sidebar! I almost think he is thinking about himself?!?!?!

  14. LOVE your alien card Kelly, and that he ended up the same colours as the photo inspiration!

  15. What a happy, fortuitous coincidence! That alien was meant to be shared for the Fusion challenge! Looking forward to the Pinterest board how to.

  16. That is an adorable moster! TFS and thanks for the info about Pinterest, I'm looking forward to your post with instructions. Thanks!

  17. Kell, you are so kind. Brilliant, sure, but the kindness is also a huge asset in your assets bag! Thank you for thinking of all the rest of us when you made your discovery wrt Pinterest and for wanting to help us learn how to do it so we can be as cool as you. Which makes you the COOLEST! Get it!!

    Now about this adorable alien card that came to be before you knew what colors were going to be on the photo side of Fusion? That's, like, dude, so from, like, OUTER space!!

  18. okay, your card is so very FUN!!!!!!!! how fabulous are you?!!!!!

    Love your pinterest tips...thank you for that!!!!!!

  19. I'm interested in learning what you've discovered about the Pinterest stuff...
    Also, I love your card!!! It makes me smile every time I look at it :)

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE your card!
    The felt alien is soooo cute!

  21. He's a rather cute monster... love that he's off the edge of the card too :0)

  22. This card totally made me smile. ;-) So, so cute. Love the circles in the background, and the thought bubble of another alien - very clever! Fantastic job, Kelly. ;-)

  23. This totally made me giggle! The monster thinking of his little monster - awesome!! Such a fun card. :-)


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