Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Deer" Little One Baby Card

So is it wrong that the inspiration for this new baby card is a stuffed deer head? It is, isn't it? I'm sorry. Please don't tell my husband's cousin. She delivered a beautiful baby girl on Monday (after having two adorable little boys) and I think if she were to know my inspiration it would take away her liking my card a little. 
 You see, the inspiration originally came from the CASology challenge word "game."

My thoughts went right to a trophy room of mounted game. Not having any stuffed deer head stamps, I came across this sweet-looking deer from American Crafts' Trailer set. Perfect for our newest cousin. So there you have it:

"game"  --->  stuffed deer head  --->  cute deer stamp  --->  new baby card

Now after all of that introduction, I am realizing the CASology challenge is over! So ...

 luckily the colors in the Play Date Cafe are so very close. I had the yellow and green, but originally wrapped the card in orange baker's twine:

So a quick costume change, and we're back in business. Good thing for the challenge too, 'cause I like it a lot better with the fuchsia fringe.

 It's definitely a more eclecticly-styled card than I usually make. Baby Lulu was born on January 21st at 7 am, so I used the month, date, and time strips from Technique Tuesday on the side, and stamped yellow stars over each of the stats to make it a more personalized new baby card. The fern is the very top of the Delicate Fern MB die, and the button is antique, complete with the original thread still in the holes from where someone cut it off their old clothing. I liked leaving the thread as-is. Something you can’t buy off the shelf. 

Finally, I have one more box card to share. I thought I was done making them, but still had an idea that I wanted to try after seeing Ardyth's amazingly creative piano card where she used the "a" key for the letter "a" in her "thanks" card which you have to check out. If you think that's a cool musical pun, you should see where she substituted birthday candles for the black keys on a keyboard, one of my all-time favorite cards of hers.

Same concept used here, only in sheet music. I showed it to my husband and he didn’t get it, so I was a little frustrated, “You know, the note stands for the ‘a.’” My heart sinks when I hear, “but, I think that’s a ‘c’, right?” Arrgh, I guess it’s been awhile since I read music (my husband and I actually met playing the violin in high school orchestra). I had to use an exacto knife to loosen the tape enough to switch the boxes. 

So here's the corrected one : )

Like the other recent cards in this unofficial 3D box card series (tiles, bee hexies, notebook paper, antique bottles, charts, Mehndi lantern, cityscape, and Valentine treats), the card folds flat for mailing and storage.

Thanks for looking!


  1. You always blow me away with your super brilliant idea, sweet, unique and oh so creative!!!!!

  2. Oh goodness that little deer is adorable! Sweet card Kelly ;)

  3. Very sweet deer card. I never thought of that interpretation of 'game', but I am not a hunter. And, your box card just continues your amazing series of clever box cards--I really love it.

  4. Both cards are neat, LOVING that adorable little deer and the great woodgrain embossing.

  5. Perfect colour re-adjustment! LOVE the date / time stamps too.
    Love your note of thanks ;)
    I used to learn the violin too, too many years ago!

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  7. Hahahahahaha, this post totally made me lol. Love the train of thought that led to your cute quirky baby card! And live seeing another box card - going to have to go check out your inspiration piece for that now!

  8. Laughing at your post about the baby card! But it is sweet! Love the TT stamps with the date info! And the box cards are so fabulous!!!!
    :) Jill

  9. hahahaha about your post about the baby card! It is a sweet card along with your amazing thank you "note" card!

  10. You are funny with your deer head inspiration! But it is the sweetest little card ever! I love that woodgrain on yellow! I'm dying to go and make a yellow card right now!

  11. Great post about deer/dear. What a sweet card, however! And I got the "a" from the "c" on your other card! It's quite an impressive card too! Bev

  12. I had a heart attack when I saw the 'c' - wasn't sure how to tell you! lol! Love the deer (and the fun take on 'game'!) and the use of the day/date/time is ingenious!

  13. That is so cute! I love the fringy trim and the little branch and button, and I LOVE the music card - you could teach a class in boxes!

  14. And your creative mind just keeps working and working and.....

  15. Love your take on the "game" challenge - I definitely like the adjusted trim - so disappointing to miss a challenge deadline. As a non-music reader I love the "thanks" card either way!

  16. LOL about switching the space where you put the sentiment! This is so sweet, as is your pretty baby card!

  17. Love everything about your cards Kelly.
    That first one is so fresh and i love how every single element is where it should be!
    Fantastic box card once again!!

    Thank You<3

  18. Oh my dear, I love the babycard. The woodgrain background is awesome and the little deer is so cute. Love how you added the birthdate into the card
    Have a wonderful day

  19. No one would ever know what your inspiration was for such an adorable baby card! LOVE the woodgrain base and that sweet deer! And your musical box card wows me again. I wouldn't have known the placement of the "a", and I'm glad your hubby noticed. But it really doesn't matter--it's as awesome as the others!

  20. Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello and passing on a congrats! And yes, I am a numbers girl and pretty much borderline OCD (just ask my family!).

    I must tell you that I absolutely lost it laughing when I read your "game" post! My DH and our son are avid hunters, so this really hit close to home (pun was defnintely intended!). #1 in my books for creativity.

    By the way, your folding box cards are out of this world! Seriously girl, ya got some amazing creativity happening!

  21. LOL, about the inspiration. Congrats to you all on the blessing of a new baby girl.
    Love this sweet deer card, and nice way to date it as well. The woodgrain looks wonderful in yellow!
    Love the story of how you met! When will you learn our DH don't alway get it! :)

  22. your card is so adorable and the colors are fabulous! Thanks for joining us in the Play Date Cafe!
    -Rachel w k

  23. Adorable baby card! Thanks for playing along with us at The Play Date Cafe this week!

  24. Oh the first card just melted my heart! It is so cute! Beautiful elements, creative layout, gorgeous colors; I am loving the soft yellow embossed background! Oh and the antique button, makes the card so one-of-a-kind!

  25. This is so very sweet & the 'costume change' was also very sweet ; ) So glad you could play along with us again this week in The Cafe!

  26. Congratulations on winning Cream in Our Coffee at the Play Date Cafe for you super cutie-pie card, Kels!!

  27. I'm sure this has been addressed but I haven't seen it in the comments. For the music card the placement of the note is wrong. The card's eighth note is on the C5 pitch not "A". You're actually spelling "Thcnks". If you want the card to be even more accurate you'd write the time signature on the card. Next to the treble clef sign you'd write 1 over 8 as a fraction. 1 is the numerator which means there is one beat in a measure. 8 is the denominator which means the eighth note is the value of 1 beat.

    1. Hi Xitlalic! Thanks so much for your comment, I didn't know about (or most likely don't remember) the 1/8 notation. I did realize the note error when I showed it to my husband, and that's why I had to re-do the card (the second photo). Oh well, at least I caught it before sending it out, that would be embarrassing!

      Thanks again,


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