Saturday, November 2, 2019

Catherine Pooler Retro Winter Release!

Hi Folks! I'm so pleased to share some projects from Catherine Pooler's new Retro Winter collection! Using the NEW INKS!! Yay, there are four new ink colors that are must-haves in your CP ink collection!

Here's a peek at the four new ink colors, as well as one of the new sets in the collection ... the Happy Buddies stamp set. It has adorable critters who are just waiting to give you a hug. Here's the teddy bear. Love that the "happy" banner included in this set fits perfectly between his hands.

I tried to make the watercolor splotchy on Mr. Bear for a feeling of fur. Also notice the pattern on the two opposite panels? In addition to the new stamps, dies, and inks, there are also new patterned papers!

You can also always make your own patterned paper with the stamps. In this last panel I just stamped the "birthday" sentiment a few times and then added the die cut presents.

So, the bear is super cute, but isn't this guy the CUTEST?! Maybe it's the die cut antlers, or the little fur markings, but I'm so in love with him.

Here he's been made into a pop-up card, and since he has his own stand, he's perfect for hanging out on the top of a present.

You can see how he's adhered between the two ends of the strip of patterned paper, and then stuck through a slot in the middle of the patterned paper.

This allows the tag to be collapsed flat for mailing or storage,

and he can still pop back up into action. I thought he was cute enough to skip the card altogether, and stand on his own as a unique present tag. 

Finally, the last critter is an adorable penguin. In this case, it's a flock (is that the right word?!) of penguins!

I cut several wavy pieces of paper and stacked them together to make a snowy landscape, and practically, a place for the flock (?!) of penguins to all hang out.

One of the penguins is bringing a present to the big party (with some selective cutting I separated one present from the larger group of presents) and two other penguins are helping to hold the greeting. This could easily be a winter birthday card instead of a holiday card. The sky is blended using two of the new ink colors (which I LOVE).

So much to take in here, between the stamps, dies, patterned paper, and NEW INKS! I think my favorite of the four is Sangria because it fills a plum-colored hole nicely, and will be used often with my layered flower stamping.

Thanks so much for stopping by ... after the Chicago snowstorm on Halloween, I definitely feel like winter is coming sooner this year (and not just in my craft room)!


Supplies used (affiliate links used, thanks so much for your support!):
happy buddies stamp set
Happy Buddies Stamp Set

Happy Buddies Die Set
Urban Oasis New Ink Colors
Feeling Chilly Patterned Paper

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