Friday, November 15, 2019

Bonbon Box Ideas To Try!

Hi Folks! We recently shared this really easy, low assembly Bonbon Box from Essentials by Ellen, and I couldn't stop at just one box. There are so many different ways you can use it, so I thought I'd try a few more! 

First, some quick instructions on making the box:
- cut two pieces.
- place one piece on top of the other (make sure you end up with four walls extending from the square base).
- adhere the two square bases together.
- fold the four walls up.
- bring the two handles together, and put those thru the slots on the opposite two walls

That's it. The slots that go over the handles keep the box closed on their own ... no adhesive needed!

In case you missed it, this is the Bonbon Box I shared earlier where I just stamped a sentiment on the side, and added two shaped die cuts from Holiday Characters.

Another idea is to either use patterned paper, or stamp your own pattern. This one is stamped with the stripe from Winterscapes, but the sky is the limit here. If you have Christmas patterned paper, use that for an easy Christmas box. If you have Halloween paper, use that to hold little Halloween candies. 

Another idea is to create little windows for curious recipients to peek thru. You can do this with a die cut shape, like a star, which would be super cute. Or, you can use the Hinged Alphas! "Ho, ho, ho, ho" turns out to be perfect for this Christmas box, but you could also use the person's initial.

Here's another view of what it looks like. So much going on here, with so little effort. To make things easier on myself I taped the H and the O dies together so I didn't have to line them up each time. Also, note that you can put a pattern on the bottom of the box to change it up even more.

I've got one more idea to share ...

Recognize this?! Yep, it WAS a Coke can! 

You can use this die on a pop can! I picked Coke because the red is perfect for Christmas, and because they have that cute polar bear on their Christmas edition cans. Who needs to stamp and color a bear, when you've already got one?!

I tried being strategic about where I placed the dies on the Coke can, like making sure the polar bear would show well, I also made sure I got as much of the "cola" as possible. This actually required two different Coke cans. 

As an added bonus, these cans also have "names" of people you can share a Coke with, so you can completely customize your treat box! This one has the name "coach" ... how perfect to give a little treat to one of Logan's football coaches, or one of Jackson's baseball coaches? I'm sure they wouldn't be expecting THIS : )

New this year are Coke cans with American college team names on them. Here's a list of the teams. What a great idea for a college kid, or maybe someone who's still a college kid at heart!

As you can see, I had fun playing with the Bonbon Box die. The ease of putting these together really makes it a good candidate for mass production ... teacher gifts, dinner parties, secret santa gifts, surprises for your kids or grandkids, etc. Hopefully you got some ideas, or this sparked an idea of your own to try.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Leave it to ultra clever YOU to make one of those adorable boxes from a Coke can!!

  2. I love the ones with the hinged alphas, Kelly, but it was the Coke can that blew me away.

  3. You saved that Coke box for last knowing it was going to be the rock star of this post! So so clever!

  4. How in the world do you come up with such cool (and I mean COOL) ideas?!! That little Santa box is adorable, but then you go, "hey! I can do one with a diecut!" And you out do yourself. But then.... A COKE CAN???!!! Now there's brilliance. It looks so amazing! I love that idea! These are just fantastic. You so rock! Sending hugs. xoxo Bev

  5. Ingenious and pinned!! You rocked this die!!

  6. Oh, Kelly, you are just so creative--how can you stand it?? LOL! I LOVE the Coke can idea so much! And who needs bonbons? These would be so cute hanging from a tree!


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