Saturday, March 28, 2015

Functional Friday: Cover Plate Stencil

Hi all! Time for another Functional Friday installment. In case you missed this post, I'm featuring one die from Top Dog Dies each month, and each Friday I'm sharing a different way to use the die. My hope is that even if you don't own that exact die, the ideas will translate to similar dies you do own.

If you're reading this real-time, you may be wondering why it's indeed Saturday when I'm posting a Functional Friday article. You see, I had Summary Saturday all lined up, where I was going to recap of all the Heart Border Die projects, but there was one more idea I wanted to try. Let's take a look ...

Rather than use the actual negative or positive die on the card, I used the die as a tool for a stencil/blending project. The die is only an inch or two wide, but since there's a repeating pattern it's easy to sponge ink through it one time, move the stencil down your card, line it up with the previously inked area, and stencil some more. After repeating this several times you end up covering the entire card. 

After sponging in the hearts, I removed the stencil and blended the background with the same color to give it a richer look.

For the sentiment, I colored each letter of "color" with a different copic marker on top of the white embossing. 

OK, so aside from next week's recap, this is really it for the Heart Border Die. I pinkie promise!

Thanks so much for looking!


  1. GORGEOUS!...sigh...
    You're so inspiring! <3

  2. Kelly I love how you did this. Beautiful card

  3. Do you think I could rent out just a little teeny-tiny space in your brain? You know, the part that comes up with all these incredible ideas!! This is just brilliant. As usual!! You always make the most fun/lovely things. And brilliant. Sweet! Bev

  4. So pretty Kelly, love the rainbow of color!!

  5. love this! beautiful and inspiring! :)

  6. I got so excited I forgot to mention I love how you tied in the background to your sentiment with "COLOR"

  7. Fabulous, simply fabulous card. Just love those wee hearts!

  8. We can't say you don't get a lot our of your products, Kelly. I think this is my favorite of them all.


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