Friday, August 23, 2013

CAS-ual Fridays Stamps: Some Fun Ones!

It's my day at CAS-ual Fridays Stamps to have a little fun with some cards!

(eta: you might notice that these cards look NOTHING LIKE the actual cards on the CAS-ual Fridays Stamps blog ... sorry about that!)

This one may not look like much, but MAN did I spend a lot of time on it. The red/white/blue background was the really tough part. I lined up 7 of the Big Thanks sentiments on an acrylic block and stamped/embossed them down a strip of red paper. Did the same thing on white and blue paper.

Now comes the part where you tear your hair out and stamp 20 more strips of paper until you get it right (OK, that's an exaggeration, but it took a LOT of tries). I sliced them each in thirds and then put them back together again so the words would read across.

The trouble spots here are making sure you stamp the words in the exact same spot (vertically AND horizontally) all the way down the strip, and making sure you cut the strip exactly in thirds.

Not sure how quickly I'll be doing this technique again.

This one uses a background from Zigs & Zags as the focus. A mask is used for the shading on the bottom. For the top row, I flipped the border stamp upside down to make the diamonds, and colored in the resulting tiny squares.

The sentiments are from Truth Is and Frankly.

This one, quite honestly, is one of my favs. It was submitted for a publication call for sympathy cards without using a sympathy sentiment. Can you guess what material the flowers are from?

They're felt, only heat embossed. You really need to try this if you haven't already! Heating the felt makes it shrink up and bubble a little, which is the perfect shape for dimension on a flower. The density also makes for a sturdier embellishment, so it would be good on its own, like for a tag, ornament, etc.

The flowers are from Loving Thoughts and the sentiment is one of the many frequently-used phrases from Calm & Gentle. The border is a white gel pen.

Thanks so much for looking!


  1. These are beautiful! That first card is amazing! I am in awe. It must've taken forever! Beautiful work. Love them all.

  2. You attentions to details are amazing! I am in awe of the first one especially! It's definitely a labor of love, but it truly shows how sophisticated your design is, Kelly!

  3. You have tons of patients Kelly! That first card is awesome, glad you were so determined it turned out GREAT! The other 2 cards are wonderful too! Cool technique for the flowers.

  4. Gorgeous cards! I love the embossed felt, very cool. But my favorite is that second one, LOVE how you used the zig zags and colored them!

  5. From the first to the last, these are amazing, Kelly. All that lining up was well worth your effort; I'm totally impressed with your sticktoitiveness! Beautiful shading on the middle card, and way cool diamonds (clever girl), and the last one with those amazing felt flowers... Absolutely must try that. Beautiful, brilliant cards. Bev

  6. Kelly, I like the patience you have in making every single card and looks like in ur case patience always pays off... ur cards turn out brilliant. Also, I am big fan of ur experimenting habit :)

  7. I always look forward to your innovative posts! Awesome set of cards. That melted felt one is cool and the first card... talk about patients, very cool outcome though!

  8. Your cards are simply fabulous! TFS

  9. Wow! Wow! Wow! All fantastic! And I gotta try the felt idea! :)

  10. Crazy about your circle card-the sentiment is wonderful! Can't wait to try the heat embossed felt-gorgeous technique.
    Thanks, Kelly : )

  11. All of these are! I LOVE your embossed felt what a great creative idea ! !!!!!!! Your craft room is almost like a lab room, always experimenting. With something new.

  12. You, my dear, have the patience of a saint. cut apart words, put them back together, stamp zig zags up and down. It gives me the shakes just thinking about it.


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