Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Wnner + Adventure Pics

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments from the Holiday Cards & More Blog Hop! It sure was fun to see all the packaging ideas AND recipes.

We have a winner for a free issue from Paper Crafts! 

Commenter #75 is ....

Isha!! Please email me your address and we'll get your copy in the mail!


If you're interested, I also have some adventure pictures to share from last week. 

This trip wasn't to explore new areas, but just to have fun hanging out at Millennium Park with friends. It's been awhile since they've all gotten together, as you can see!

The train was part of the experience. It's quicker, easier and cheaper to just drive down, but it's fun once in awhile to relax and take the train.

On our way to Millennium Park. The kids are not deterred by any office workers who may be sitting on the benches. I see several reaching for their devices and papers as they realize the swarm of kids will be upon them soon.

At the Bean in Millennium Park, we moms reflect on how it's like they've never seen a mirror before!

Love the plantings around the park.

The Target Tent always has something going on for the kids. Live music, crafts, games, etc. The kids make box kites from paper bags.

We get lucky and try a new place for lunch. It's not a chain, they have outdoor seating, and kids meals are only $5. Score! And it's across from one of my favorite buildings in Chicago ... the Carbide & Carbon Building (left side). The polished black granite exterior is just stunning, with bronze Art Deco accents. Were we not pressed for time, I would have loved to check out the lobby again.

The kids have so much fun together. A piece of yarn from the kite craft entertains them through most of lunch.

A classic "toursity" shot ... with the Chicago Theater sign (although now that I'm looking at the picture, I don't know when the "Chase" sponsorship landed on the sign). Kevin James (King of Queens) is coming here in September.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I loved taking this trip with you, Kelly! Thanks for sharing your day. :-)

  2. Ooh - thanks for the taste of Millennium Park - I can't wait to meet up there in October!

  3. Awesome Chicago pics!! Looks so fun!

  4. Love what you've captured! The mirror pic has got to be my fave...totally different and not your average mirror...hehehe. I love how the kids exude happiness and being carefree (laying on the ground and hopping on benches)! Oh to be a kid again...and have a mom like you!!! TFS

  5. Lovely pics Kelly!!! Thanks for picking me as your winner, will be sending you a mail soon. Yay!!!

  6. wonderful post Kelly!
    I remember noticing the "chase" last Fall, i don't like it ;-S
    kind of like rename the Sears Towers, Marshall Field's etc...

  7. Such fun!! I've always wanted to go to Chicago but usually only get to wave as I drive by on my way to New York. :( One day, I will stop!


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