Thursday, January 17, 2019

DIY Band-Aid Valentines: I'm Stuck on You!

As more and more schools ban sweets and foods of all kind at school, it's a little more challenging to come up with a non-food valentine that the kids will like. It's also a challenge to find a valentine that works equally well for boys as girls.

Yesterday I posted about the amazing tin valentine mailboxes that the third graders decorated for their Valentine's Day party, and today I'm going to show you the punny valentines that we made for Jackson's class!

While looking at the tin mailboxes at the Target Dollar Spot, I noticed a package of adorable valentine band-aids that had an assortment of valentine-themed prints on them. And they came in a pack of 20 for only $1!! I figured I could come up with a punny sentiment to go along with them so I bought a couple packs and headed home. 

It didn't take long. 

I'm STUCK on you, valentine.

Yep, that works!

I designed a quick 3x4 sentiment on the computer and printed them out. For the valentines we made ahead of time I chose the word "stuck" to be in purple to emphasize the pun. There were some valentines that I wanted to give out to friends and neighbors more at the last minute, however, and due to my stubbornness not to spend any more money buying colored ink cartridges, I couldn't print them at home, and didn't have time to print them at the library. So I just printed a few with a lot of open space and wrote "stuck" with a purple marker. Sometimes the best solution is the quickest solution : )

We printed all the classroom valentines with each child's name so all Jackson would need to do is sign his name at the bottom. I realize we lost a great opportunity for him to practice his handwriting, but sometimes you're just pressed for time, hahaha.

We stuck the band-aids directly onto the valentine, but you could absolutely leave the adhesive backing on them, and adhere them to the card with a tape runner so the recipient could actually use them later if they wanted to. 

I used an envelope punch board to make custom envelopes for the Valentines, but you could just pass them out as-is. Don't they look so cute in the mailbox?! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope your Valentine's Day is a sweet one!
- Kelly


  1. Looks like you're ahead of the Valentine's game, Kelly! This is a clever and economical idea that turned out to be so fun! Love seeing the concentration on Jackson's face, too - what a cutie! Love that you've added your own touch by handwriting "stuck" in pretty purple. Awesome Valentines!! Sending hugs!! xo Bev

  2. Love this idea! So simple and I love a good pun.

  3. Okay I'm stealing this idea, Kelly. I don't have to make a classroom full but I do send to my 7 grandkids and 2 (now 3) greats, so at least one will get a stuck on you card. I'll be using my band aid die cut though. Making custom envelopes was going beyond. You're such a good Mom.

  4. These are simply wonderful! They look like they are so much fun to make too!

  5. You rock!! These are so much fun Kelly!

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