Monday, October 22, 2018

Grandma Griglione's Pumpkin Bars Recipe Scrapbook Page

Hi Folks! Catching up a bit here from a busy couple weeks filled with amazing blogging friends, my oldest son's first homecoming dance and hosting dinner for 18 of his friends, and a three wild concerts in five days!

I've posted another page on Winnie & Walter featuring Winnie & Walter's classic Moonlight set, 

and our treasured family recipe for pumpkin bars that Grandma Griglione made every Fall (in her own handwriting no less!!!). Grandma was the best at efficient recipe writing ... instead of a lot of directions, I love how she just numbers the ingredients in the order you need to combine them. That's it! The only sentence here is to not grease the pan.

I realized I only shared the front of Grandma G's recipe in the w&w post, so I'm adding a photo of the back here in case you'd like to try it yourself : )

Thanks so much for looking!

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  1. Love that W&W set, Kelly, and the pumpkin bars sound scrumptious.


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