Tuesday, November 28, 2017

CFS What's This Snowflake Doing in the Garden?!

Hi Folks! I went rogue on Michele at CAS-ual Fridays Stamps today ... she asked me to create a card with a snowflake, and I'm pretty sure this is not what she was expecting! But I thought this snowflake from Flurry Fri-Dies made such a cute little flower.

To further the flower illusion I used strips of scrap green paper for stems, sequins for the middles, and the leaves from Acorn Fri-Dies.  

I think it's quite cheery for a snowflake card : )

In fact, I was having so much fun that I created another snowflake card ...

This one has dandelions, just before they spread their seeds all over your lawn!

Frosted vellum is a great choice to capture the wispy feeling of seeding dandelions.

The flowers are laid out the same as the first card (why make it hard on yourself coming up with a new layout?) and the sentiment is the same too, from Shenanigans and Wheat Wreath.

I was happy with how this one turned out! I bet I could have layered another snowflake and rotated it slightly to get a fuller dandelion. Hmm ...  off to the craft room to check that out!

This card is over at the CAS-ual Fridays Stamps blog today if you'd like additional information. Feel free to use my code "KELLY2017" which will save you 15% off any purchases at CAS-ual Fridays Stamps.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Had to stop by & tell you how much I love that you made flowers out of snowflakes, Kelly! Amazingly creative!

  2. These are cute Kelly and very creative!!

  3. Leave it to you, Kelly. You're great at seeing things in a different way. Snowflake flowers may now become the rage. ;)

  4. too darn cute...love your sweet flowers!


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