Monday, January 25, 2016

Papercrafting Supplies in Valentine's Day Deco Mesh Wreath

Hi Folks! I've gone a little nuts with the after-Christmas sales at Hobby Lobby this year. A friend alerted me to one of the new store locations with a full stock of holiday merchandise at their 90% off sale. It was crazy. Nuts. People (including me!) had multiple carts full. One of our friends bought 94 rolls of wrapping paper, and there were still hundreds left. I filled one cart just with deco-mesh and wreath forms. All the Christmas red works just as well for Valentine's Day red, after all! This wreath is a super-simple one, which I was going to have my second-grade son's class make at their Valentine's Day party. It took 5 minutes to make the actual wreath, and cost $1.70. Then I thought the kids could hang some foam hearts in the middle. For my own purposes, I made my own heart with papercrafting supplies : )

Details on the heart itself are on the Winnie & Walter blog today.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ha! I'm really not a great shopper, Kelly ... but I would love to have seen you in action! Good shopping, my friend! Darling wreath!

    1. Michele, you would have been a crazy shopper too at this sale ... a dozen aisles (full on BOTH sides) fully stocked at 90% off. I've never seen anything like it! My local craft ring kept posting pictures of themselves and their carts there all week on our private FB group.

  2. Just popping in to say this is TOTALLY AWESOME! Wish I'd have picked up some deco-mesh at HL after the holidays, lol!

  3. Your wreath is super duper Kelly!! But I CAN"T get over the lady that bought 94 rolls of wrapping paper LOL, holy cow!!

  4. So bold and creative, Kelly ... love how you used the border around that sweet heart! That was one amazing sale ... and a whole heap of amazing purchases!! Hugs, Anita :)

  5. Love the wreath, Kelly, and it's so great you're going to help the kids make some. A friend used white mesh to decorate the cross for the altar last Easter. Just another idea. ;)


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