Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fusion: Halloween Card-Turned-Refrigerator-Magnet

Hi all, and welcome to another Fusion Challenge! I typically run, quickly, from floral cards because I have a much harder time with "pretty," so this huge sunflower scared me for several days. I had to abandon the photo and just go right for the sketch, which gave me an excuse to play with the Papertrey Ink Rustic Wreath die that I haven't used yet. Right away I think Darnell would be pleased with me using NBUS!

Never-Before-Used-Schtuff (Stamps, Dies, EFs, etc.)

This card, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, has a dual use. The wreath can easily be removed from the card and go directly to your refrigerator as a holiday magnet. Here's how:

I backed the wreath with patterned paper over the chipboard base, and glued a thin, disk magnet to that. Were I to make these again, I would use two magnets so it's stronger, and so you have more control on hanging the wreath straight. Then I took a thin magnet (I always save the promotional magnets from realtors, politicians, insurance companies, etc.) and adhered that to the card base. Now you can just stick the wreath where ever you want it on the card. And, more importantly, remove it for later.  

 For the wreath I used four layers of the PTI Rustic Wreath Die, flipping some upside down so the leaves face a different direction (just saw this from Laura yesterday!) I also bent about every other leave up to give it more dimension. Since it's for Halloween, I like that the individual leaves don't show too much for this wreath. This is also the first time I've used the small bow from MFT, AND the sentiment, which is from the recent Winnie & Walter release. More NBUS!

Here's the Halloween wreath in action, on the side of my refrigerator

And here it is on the REAL side of my refrigerator. The one that's not clean! Let's face it, this may just be an excuse to show off my collection of adorable babies in our family!! It doesn't hurt that their parents all use Tiny Prints for announcements and parties. The quality of their paper is amazing!

You may not have noticed, but I removed the black felt bow from the magnet when I had it on this side of the refrigerator. The more white space the better with all these cute babies stealing the show!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you get a chance to check out the Fusion Challenge and perhaps link up a card!


  1. I love your magnet...and oh those babies...too sweet for words!

  2. LOVE it...multi-purpose!
    ...all your fridge photos are so fun!

  3. LOVE, LOVE the magnet & so many gorgeous bubs!!!!

  4. First of all, honey, if you end your post with picture of the world's cutest newborn babies, all thoughts of cards just evaporate!! Okay, let me calm down my grandma genes and go back to the beginning of the post ...!

    I love your brain, Kelly, you know that. You put its brilliance on display every time you make a card. The design of this, and the engineering execution of it, and the aesthetic execution of it with alternating the wreath layers and turning up the edges, is incomparable!! Then to come up with the idea to make it removable and magnetic so it can become a part of the household decorations - and w/ or w/out the sweet bow - pure genius!! I am, indeed, thrilled that you used so much NBUS and I thank you for playing in my second NBUS Challenge!! Hugs, Darnell

    (PS Thank you for the lovely and heartfelt comment you left me! I'll be carrying that one on my heart forever!)

  5. Love the mix of the sparkle and the felt, great textures, and it's not just a bauble on a card, it's functional! You think about everything you do, I love it!

  6. Love the sparkle on the magnet :) Fab design and sweet pics on ur refrigerator :)

  7. super fun and I love that it is mostly black with just touches of orange!

  8. You always have the best ideas Kelly!! Love the cute wreath ;)

  9. What a clever and useful design Kelly! What a great magnet decoration for Halloween - and the sentiment is perfect for the front of the fridge! (what a plethora of cute babies too!!)

  10. What a really, really cool idea! I can never bring myself to throw away a homemade card, and this seems like the perfect medium. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  11. How cool is this idea, Kelly ... removable and reusable card parts ... it's so fun! The photo collage is so sweet ... each of those cutie pie babies is adorable! Anita :)

  12. Brilliant, eye catching, creative, inspirational!


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