Wednesday, August 6, 2014

winnie & walter: Farewell Scrapbook Pages

Hi Folks! I'm showing some scrapbook pages from a friend's Farewell Album at the Winnie & Walter blog today. They are moving out of state, and another friend had an awesome idea that everyone who came to the good-bye party would bring a scrapbook page or two. We kept it a secret, and it was so awesome seeing their reaction when we presented it.

Winnie & Walter, LLC

Here they are, getting surprised with each page! It was really fun to see everyone else's pages. 

Here's a few other photos from the party:

Posed group photos are nice, but it's the in-between photos that are always the most charming to me. My husband knows that whenever he's handed the camera, not to be shy about pressing the shutter button.

The kids had a blast with the glow sticks. (seriously, if you are headed to an evening party this summer with kids, STOP AT THE DOLLAR STORE and spend $10-$20 on glow sticks; they will all go NUTS.

The adults were all amazed at what the kids came up with for their glow sticks. Here we have a few capes, and later in the evening a dress form came out and the rest of the ball gown was constructed!

Anyway, thanks for looking! If you'd like to see the scrapbook pages, feel free to head on over to Winnie & Walter



  1. Love your pages, Kelly. What a wonderful remembrance for your friend.

  2. What a wonderful idea for your friends! Looks like a fun party!

  3. What a charming idea and a beautiful gift for your friends to treasure forever! Great family photos, too, Kell!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. You are so sweet to scrap the group event. I bet they love you to pieces!! Thanks for sharing your fun time with friends and neighbors!

  5. What a treasure, Kelly ... you and the gift you made for your departing friends! Anita :)

  6. So so sweet and your pages look amazing. What a fabulous idea to make pages for your sweet friends, I am sure they will treasure these always.

  7. The photos look amazing, Kelly! Everyone seems to have enjoyed the party. The second photo is adorable. Seems like everyone was really into the scrapbook pages you shared. I'm left here wondering what could have surprised them that much. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

    Harry Newton @


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