Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fusion Challenge: Lazy Man's Valentine

Wow, WOW, wow, there was such awesome turn-out for the last Fusion Challenge, you just HAVE to check out the gallery if you haven't already. There are over a hundred fab entries! It took me forever to make my winner selection, I was going back and forth until the last moment!

Have you seen the new Fusion Challenge? I was all set to use the sketch challenge since the photo looked a little intimidating to me. Then, I saw the recent Paper Source catalog on my floor:

Those owls have such a similar style as the butterflies. I wanted to use it, but kept thinking, "nah, I can't just cut it out and put it on my card. That would just be cheating!" I thought about some other things, but kept coming back to those owls.

I procrastinated.

I waited until the very last minute.

And then I relied on the words of Mike Dirnt, the bassist for Green Day, who commented about coming up with a catchy drum line on their recent trilogy of albums,

"I'm not above going for an easy A."

I'm not implying that this is "A" material, by any means, but sometimes it's good to allow yourself to relax and not over-think things.

I placed an offset red mat as a shadow, just like the envelope was shown under the card on the catalog. The "love" sentiment from winnie & walter's The Big, The Bold, The Happy is a great candidate to make a frame, using the inside of the tall "l" for a corner. On the long vertical sides I filled in the space with a w&w heart.

Can't let the rest of the catalog go to waste, right?

All of these took less than 15 minutes to create. With the nice, thick 110 lb paper, the offset shadow, and the cute little size, I don't think you really need anything else.

Well, maybe a cute little envie to go with it! 

As a reminder, here are the guidelines on the Fusion challenge:

1. Play with just the sketch challenge.
2. Play with just the inspiration photo challenge.
3. Or you can create FUSION by combining BOTH challenges into one card.
4. Use the challenge graphic and link back to Fusion in your post.
5. Please read the other considerations on the Our Rules Page before playing along.

Here are some fabulous cards by our design team!

WinnersWill be chosen by all of our teammates in two weeks. We each will choose one favorite. The winners will be announced at 4 am (PST) in two weeks!! Please check the linky for the days left to play with us 

Thanks for looking!


  1. I think they are adorable Kelly, the envelopes too!!

  2. Sometimes procrastinating pays off! Love how you up cycled the catalog!

  3. Wonderful Valentines Kelly! I love the owls and that soft subtle pastel word border you made for them!

  4. So clever and so green! You rocked your Valentines, and I love your cute envies, too!
    Now I'm wishing I had a PS catalog...

  5. You are so funny! I smiled the whole time I was reading your post, Kelly. No, I don't think it's cheating one teensy bit. It's clever and creative and very green! Way to upcycle. These are just darling. Who wouldn't love to get one of these?!! Bev

  6. Fabulous idea for your valentines. Of course, I just love the owl one. I've got some paper from them with similar owls. I think I'll copy you for my next owl card.

  7. Your card for fusion is adorable Kelly! The owls on that paper are CUTE! The way you framed the panel with the bold sentiment is fabulous!

    Love all the cards but the first one is my favorite! By the way, envelope is very pretty! :)

  8. Love the love frame and those owls are adorable! Love the other cards too and the envie of course! TFS

  9. Super cute Kelly!! LOVE the W&W "love" too!

  10. love it! those owls are too good not to use!

  11. I knew I had seen those cute owls somewhere! mystery solved! I have that catalogue sitting on the floor of my craft room - in my inspiration 'pile'! This made a great card with your wonderful stamped framing Kelly and the offset red panel! Creativity comes from many sources - no need to think you 'cheated'!!!

  12. awww those owls are adorable :) I agree some times the least of the thinking produces greatest of the creations :D

  13. I love how you re-purposed these yummy paper!! Not everyone will know what to do with paper like this....only genius does!

  14. Oh my ... I'm bowled over by your inspiration, Kelly ... and by the cutest card you made ... awesome! Now I need to look up Paper Source ... hadn't heard of it! Anita :)

  15. Just so you know, anyone can take a cut out and put it on a card, but it takes talent to make it look like you DIDN'T take a cut out and put it on a card.

  16. I LOVE upcycling and using whatever inspires you!!!! It doesn't always have to be about a stamp.
    I think the way you do too, then I shake it off and make the card from what inspired me! It is all good, and for others out there, it may make a light go off for them, and they in turn will get crafty with something they otherwise hesitated. WONDERFUL and VERY inspiring!

  17. that you were bold and cut up your catalog...second, totally worth it! I was looking at your card in the gallery and trying to come up with what stamp set you used to make those cute owls! Wouldn't that be a fun stamp set? Love the pink colors and the very fun looking owls!

  18. FABULOUS!!! Love all the wonderful cards Kelly, can't believe you cut your catalog :) Love it :)

  19. Not cheating...just upcycling! I love them all. That donut one looks mighty tasty!

  20. I think you are brilliant! And hey, an A is an A. My sister is 3 1/2 years older than me, but we happened to have the same class once in high school...though we were in different periods. Anyway, it used to drive me crazy that she would do as well or better than me and spend half the time doing the work, but her ability to focus is so much better than mine and she had a gift for being able to channel what each teacher valued and was looking for in assignments. I think brilliance, creativity, and resourcefulness are some of your many talents and if that translates into a set of cards in 15 minutes, so be it. :)

  21. I thought I left a comment here, but looks like I forgot to click "publish"...I do that sometimes :/
    I think it is awesome that you re-purposed the catalog cover! The owl card is simply perfect; love how you paired it with subtle background. The rest of the cards are equally gorgeous! Now I am wishing I had that catalog! :D


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