Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday, Tracey!! + Godzilla Party Pics

Happy, HAPPY, belated birthday, my friend Tracey!

I'm sorry this is so late in coming to you!  Joyce from Cards-by-the-Sea did such a great job organizing this birthday celebration, and told us way ahead of time, but it's been a crazy, crazy month for me. On the other hand, there's no way I could miss saying Happy Birthday to Tracey!

In honor of Tracey's birthday, I wanted to CASE one of her awesome cards. This wonderfully graphic creation totally fit the bill (and love the CAS-ual Fridays Stamps!)

It was the first time using two My Favorite Things Die-Namics dies ... High Rise Upper Case Alpha and Peek-a-Boo Chevrons. Yay for NBUS! Love the large alphas, LOVE the chevrons. You can remove all the die pieces for a uniform look, or put random chevrons back like I did here. With the slightly patterned paper, I kind of like how the pieces aren't put back in the same spots. It breaks it up even more.

I struggled with where to put the sentiment (which is why this post wasn't updated yesterday!) and then it occurred to me to put it over the chevron dies instead of at the top of the card where they were just floating around.

Still in love with using patterned paper on the inside of the card and for the envelope.

Thanks for looking, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACEY!!!!

Here are some pics from the Godzilla Party we had this weekend for Jackson. Lots of fun, but it was really keeping me from visiting anyone in blogland ... I really hope to be by soon!!

The food table ... random boxes wrapped with kraft paper and turned into city buildings

I was so happy with how the bunting turned out ... cut a slit through those trendy paper straws and they totally held each banner. So easy to string afterwards. 

The Godzilla boogers tasted pretty good, but they weren't terribly popular. The green food coloring really threw the kids (and adults) I think.

Pin the Fire Breath on Godzilla. The kids had to wear Jackson's Godzilla mask backwards so they couldn't see. Made for some funny pictures!


The winner was a little difficult to call.

The cake was really fun to put together. Graham crackers and royal icing made the city somewhat easy to make.

 Godzilla totally destroyed the city after the party.

Godzilla's fire breath maze. The younger kids did just as well, if not better, as the older kids.

The kids really had fun with this one and did it multiple times, until the end when they all ran through it at once. 

 Photo prop drawn and painted by my husband (with last minute help from my mother-in-law minutes before the party started!)

 Present and Favor table

Group photo time! I used the Silhouette to make Godzilla stencils for everyone's shirts. We tie-dyed them during the party.

 Party's over. I took a huge nap and left the cleaning to the next day : )


  1. Kelly, that Godzilla party looks like it was the best party in the history of all parties! Wow! Tracey's card is super cool, too! :-)

  2. What a fun party idea!! Love all of the kids in the T's!!

    Tracey will adore this card, love her name in big bold letters!!

  3. Awesome card and awesome pics!!! :)

  4. Fabulous party and pictures. Your son is one lucky 6 year old, and he will remember this party forever. And, your card for Tracey is wonderful. I love your dies and use of patterned paper. There is such a lot of energy on this card.

  5. WOW! Kelly, this is outstanding!! I want to come to your party!

  6. Incredible card for Tracey! Love it! And the party pics are fabulous! It looks like a fabulous time was had by all! So fun!

  7. Fab card for Tracey, Kelly ... love those peekaboo chevrons! My, that was some party ... what a sixth birthday! You totally deserved a good nap after all that fantastic Godzilla-ness! Anita :)

  8. Okay, I love Tracey's card, but the godzilla party looks amazing! I love all the decorations!

  9. So weird that this post only just showed up in my feed, but I'm so glad it did. The cards are fantastic, but the party is AMAZING! Love the shirts and the CAKE!!!! and all the different games and activities, looks like a blast!

  10. Oh, wow, what a fun party!
    And I LOVE the card you made for Tracey-- it's perfect!

  11. You do know you could totally make this your profession? Not that you would want to but you are THE best event planner/organizer I've ever known!! I don't know where to start, each picture has a few fantastic ideas in it! the tee-shirt? the boogers? hahahaha...the cake? the trick with the straw is GENIUS!! Thank You for sharing the fun party and all of your expertise with us! I had a blast and I didn't even get to go ;o)

  12. Sorry, I was so into the party that I forgot to comment on your beautiful BDay card!
    all I can say is that I love it and Tracey is a very lucky girl ;)

  13. Kelly your card and post mean so much to me. Thank you so much for always being so sweet my friend. I like your card much better than mine--LOL, so now I need to CASE you. The Godzilla party absolutely rocks!! You are such a talented Mom! xoxo

  14. Kelly you are amazing! Your boys are very lucky to have you for their do the best themed parties for them . I bet you are tired! The box city and the cake wow you go all out. Looks like everyone had fun too.
    Love the card for Tracey . You found the right spot for the sentiment .

  15. How did you color the popcorn? What flavor was it? Love it!

  16. What did you use for the breath on Pin the Fire Breath on Godzilla so that it would stick?

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