Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Insipired by Family Magazine Post: Golf Ball Valentines

Only two more days until Valentine's Day, but I had to share our Valentines for this year. You may remember we made Nerds box wrappers well ahead of time. THEN I found out that candy is prohibited at our kids' school for Valentine's Day. Arrgh! So I had to come up with something quick, yet still be cute and fun. 

I had my answer after walking down Walmart's sportswear aisle. They're:
  1. quick (20 in 25 minutes);
  2. easy (just print and cut);
  3. cheap ($2 per set of 15);
  4. one-of-a-kind (that I know of, based on a google search); and
  5. punny.

Wanna check them out? Click here for the article, step-by-step, and free printable.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi Kelly,
    just love your valentines presents. Left also a comment at the Insipired by Family site.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. What's no candy for the kiddos at school...boo! But you came up with a fun idea Kelly and they'll love it!

  3. Bummer about no candy and all the work you and the kids did. Love your alternative idea! Such a fun and fast idea. Great work mom!

  4. Truth is I like this idea even better than the first - the boxes were great, but I love that you came up with something sporty, non-mushy & non-candy related!

  5. Super cute and punny, Kelly! These are so perfect for Valentine's!

  6. Super duper cute! Perfect for Valentine's!

  7. Cute idea. But, I have to offer a comment you might not like. My son's in college now, but I still remember the yearly task of finding suitable Valentines. While I did wince at the mention of the no-candy rule, I still think it's a good idea. Really, kids don't need candy--bad for their health, and the candy we shower on them is all pretty lousy tasting stuff. Am I right? I also wince when I see the big pile of inexpensive toys my son accumulated all through his school days. It was always so precious when received/won/bought. But the interest faded pretty quickly. I still haven't figure out what to do with it. Over my lifetime I've seen this ever growing desire to be just a little more cool or generous than the next person, not just in school treats, but as adults at work, and at church. I think we get caught up in it, until it grows unmanageable. We're saddled with having to keep up with everyone else. I'd like to see kids be happy with homemade paper valentines, where the real value is their creativity and effort, and hopefully some heart-felt friendship. I hate to rain on your truly cute idea, but I'm taking the long view. All those balls will end up in a landfill one day.

    1. Hi jusaweecatnap - On the contrary, I certainly appreciate your candid feedback! It's so ironic that you mention this, as I consider myself a neighborhood champion of not handing out multiple cheaply made toys as birthday favors because of both reasons you stated ... 1) there seems to be a lot of pressure on the parents to give huge presents as favors at birthday parties, and/or 2) they end up in the garbage after a couple days. To be honest, I've never been wild about favors in the first place. In my mind, the treat for the kids attending is the celebration and party. But, I realize not having favors would seem awfully strange in this day and age. So instead, we really try hard to pick birthday favors that would actually be used afterwards.

      For example, at our Lego party, we hosted a make-n-take and let the boys take home the creation they made with the Legos we picked up at a garage sale (the ultimate in recycling, right?) For this valentine, our boys play with balls quite often so I was hoping that others would find use for it as well.

      So, I do agree with your view. And I love that you shared it. Thanks so much for commenting, and I hope you do again.

  8. Love this project, Kelly! Considering from the time you thought of it, to the final outcome, I'd say this is the perfect "non candy" Valentine--cost effective, too!

  9. HUGE Congrats on your CASual Friday DT :) :) :)

  10. YAY, HOOPY D. HOLLER! Huge congratulations on your selection to the Design Team at CAS-ual Friday! They are SOOOO lucky to have you!! Mwah!

  11. Congratulations on being a Girl Friday, Kelly! Can't wait to see your awesomeness!


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