Tuesday, November 6, 2012

5th Birthday Card for a Boy

 We've got a lot of 5-year-old birthdays now, so the High 5 stamp from the brand spankin' new CAS-ual Fridays stamp set Woot Woot was just begging to be used. I have to say how impressed I am with the quality of these stamps. Usually with such a wide image I have a hard time getting a solid impression, especially with a dark ink.

 I used an old hand stamp as a template, and traced my own arm out. I'll write the message here. The arm then fits into the sweater sleeve which is glued on the bottom. Not your typical card, but I think a five-year-old would get a kick out of it (my son did!) This card is sized to fit into a standard-sized long envelope.

Here are some earlier versions. This one I used an exacto to cut the hand out, and then scored a fold line at the wrist. I liked having a much longer stand in back because it allowed the hand to stand straight up, instead of sloping backwards. But overall, this card wasn't doing it for me. I think because the "sleeve" on the bottom was too wide.

So then I mounted it on a darker green base and left the hand flapping out. A nice card, but not sure I was crazy about it.

Thanks for looking!

Supplies used: 
stamps:  CAS-ual Fridays Woot Woot, Papertrey Ink Striped Sweater, PSX hand


  1. What a FUN card! Heck yeah, 5 year olds will love it! I would love it! Glad you showed your different versions too, because now I know I'm not the only one who tries several times before she's satisfied! :) Oh, and I went to PTI to look at that sweater stamp because you've been rocking it. Wow, you are creative, because I saw it and couldn't think of what on earth I would do with it. YOu've done like a million fabulous things with it already!

    Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at CAS-ual Fridays!

  2. Kelly this is fantastic, you and that sweater are meant to be together.

  3. OMG! This is soooo cool! I love the long arm card! I've been 5 a whooole bunch of times and I would still love a card like that :) Thanks for rockin' my stamps, and for playing with us at CAS-ual Fridays!

  4. Ps, you are totally getting your money's worth on that sweater stamp!!

  5. Look at you….Kelly! You are just way to creative and make the most fun cards and projects! Great job with your new stamps!

  6. High fives for great cards, Kelly--you're an amazing paper engineer!


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