Monday, July 23, 2012

Limitless Lovely Layers

It was refreshing to follow the Papertrey Conservation challenge and only use one floral stamp set. Nothing else. So I picked Lovely Layers since I hadn't used it yet.

Knowing you had to make do really kept the creativity flowing. There was no looking for embellishments, deciding on options, etc. You just grabbed it and went. Things were going so fast I created another card. And another, and another ...

First up. Two of the larger flower dies with "Enjoy" stamped around on each petal. I put the end of the Banner die through the die cutter (and trimmed the rest with the paper trimmer) to make the large blue panel.

Next card. For the larger center piece, I stamped the tip of a flower around the edge to make 4 white sections. Then trimmed the smaller center piece so only the "joy" shows from the "Enjoy" stamp.

 Moving on. To Christmas. The background is the cross flower stamp overlapped to make a trellis pattern. And the negative portion of the circle border die made the edge of the white topper.

Can you tell where the ornaments came from? Yep, they're petals from the large flower die! After cutting the petals, I embossed them, colored the embossed circle designs, and added some glitter.
 Card number four. This card uses the flat side of the star die to deboss the image. On either side of the white panel are flowers stamped on the edges to create the illusion of patterned paper behind the card.

The cross flower die cuts are embossed, stamped and layered. A chartreuse colored button finishes it off. 

OK, last one. This one has the cross flowers again in green, overlapped at the tips. This gives a bigger space in the middle (bigger than the Christmas card background). Big enough to stamp another flower inside. The sentiment strip is from the slot in the Movers and Shakers die set, and the blue flourish on either side of "Thanks" is the center of the flower petals.

All of this card making got me thinking ... maybe I should do this "conservation" exercise with every new, big stamp set I get. This is the first time I've used Lovely Layers, and now I feel very comfortable with using it for flowers and other things. Kind of like breaking it in. Lots of fun!

Thanks very much for looking!
- Kelly


  1. Incredible cards and use of this set! I agree about trying it with each new set. I think stamp-a-faire made me realize that I need to really get to know all my stamp sets better! The possibilities are endless when you narrow your focus to one set and let your imagination go wild! Your post is just so fantastic!!!!!

  2. What a fun collection Kelly, great job and pretty colors!

  3. You were on fire last weekend, great job on these cards too.

  4. are such a fab card maker! These are all so pretty!

  5. These are wonderful Kelly! Beautiful work~

  6. incredible card set Kelly! I didn't have time to participate in SAF, but now I want to do this challenge just for myself and to get to know a few stamp sets a little better. LOVE the ornaments made from the petals!

  7. Love the cards, Kelly! They r so beautiful:)

  8. Wow. Wow. Wow.
    I'm overwhelmed by how creatively you used this set!


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