Saturday, July 6, 2013

First Birthday ... Card + Best Present Ever!

Seriously, could she be any sweeter? Cousin Macy is rockin' her first birthday party attire before she gets any purple icing on it in the name of good eats.

Here's her first birthday card. I used more of my lifetime supply of practically free lace tablecloth from this card and die cut a marquee shape out of it. Cut in half, it's a book end for the glittered sentiment. You'll notice there are no cutesy animals, clowns, etc. I figured since she's only one, she's not even going to see the card. It's more for her mom, who's elegant and classy. So I'll save the cute kitty for when she's four. 

For the non-card part of this post, I thought I'd share what I always give for a first birthday present (in addition to a toy or something the birthday girl or boy would like immediately). It's Your Birthday Book by Amy Krause Rosenthal. It picks up where a baby book leaves off and asks really fun questions on each birthday through age 18. 

What are your thoughts on God?
Do you like your name?
What's the last thing you were sad about?
If you got $20 to spend what would you buy?

I have one for each of my kids and LOVE it! There's room for a few photos, and an envelope for keepsakes, like a piece of yarn as long as you are tall, a tracing of your hand, sample art work, etc. 

They sell it at Pottery Barn Kids for $20, but I found it on Amazon for only $10 + free shipping! Such a bargain. I've bought almost 20 of them over the last 5 years. I seriously love this book, and how it's an actual birthday book on a child's very first birthday!

 I also put a little inscription on the inside. Of course I was in a huge hurry doing this last minute so my handwriting is not the best. I cut two flowers out of the table cloth and used those under the pinked circle. Writing directly on the inside of the book ends up in smears : ( as I've found out first hand.

I know not everyone is going to fill it out, but for $10 I figure it's worth a chance that they'll end up with something to treasure. I'd love to have something like that from my childhood!

Macy, her wonderful parents, and my son Logan

Anyway, thanks for sticking with my not-so-card-based post.

ETA: yikes! I forgot to link this up to bloggy friend Stacey's super-fun birthday party with tons 'o prizes. If you haven't already, stop by and check it out!




  1. Such a cute post! You are rockin' the lace girlfriend! Love this card and how you put the 1 in the name. Such a neat birthday book too!

  2. happy birthday macy and kelly i love the colour you used in the card, it is just like the colour of macy

  3. Such a sweet card and the photos and thanks so much for sharing. The book is a perfectly original gift!

  4. So cute! I'm going to have to check that book out!

  5. Love the card! Pink and lace?!, perfect of course!! Your card is gorgeous, but little Macy is even more so! What a little cutie pie! Definitely will check that book out--I've got tons of little ones who would have so much fun with it! TFS. Bev

  6. Love how you're using up your lace! Perfect 1st b-day card for a little girl! And what a great book - definitely a wonderful gift that will be treasured forever!

  7. What a gorgeous birthday pretty!

    Love your gift's a keepsake!

  8. Oh I love first birthdays! They are so cute! it makes me want to go back in time to when my baby was one... I love your creations so very sweet! What a great auntie you are!

  9. What a cute card! Thanks for sharing about the book too!

  10. Cute card, awesome book/gift idea, and I love the photos. such a cutie pie, and a happy occasion, too.

  11. Lace and pink for a little girl? It's perfect, Kelly! What a fabulous idea the gift book is, something for Macy and her parents to treasure! I haven't seen anything like it ... thanks for sharing it with us! Anita :)

  12. Ah, you used that gorgeous lace again! I know Macy's mom will appreciate that! And thanks for the heads up on a fun birthday book! Wish I knew about it when my girls turned one--such a unique gift!

  13. What a fun card for a 1 year old girl! Thanks for telling us about the book. It's so much better than your average baby / memory book. Gotta pick up a few for some friends.

  14. O liked reading this post :) The card is one elegant first birthday card, love how you used that pretty lace! It is really insightful of you to think of the mother, and it is so true...first year old wouldn't even see the card!
    Love the gift idea, I am thinking of getting one myself!

  15. Well Macy is adorable and your card is beautiful with that lace! Love the book idea! I hope I can still find them for 10$ thanks for sharing that with us.

  16. Super sweet card, Kelly! I love how you incorporated her name!

  17. What a great gift idea for a wee one! Adore the feminine and sweet ! Thanks so much for celebrating with me over at the Birthday Linky Party, Kelly!

  18. Gorgeous card, photos and present.

  19. Aaawww! Cousin Macy is a little beauty and happy birthday to her! Those books are genius!! What a sweet family picture of her w/ mommy and daddy at the end of your loving post, Kelly! Thank you for sharing!

  20. How adorable my dear Kelly!
    I just love when you associate a gorgeous card you made with heartfelt sentiments and pictures of RL ;-)
    Thank You~

  21. What a little cutie, Macy is! Love the birthday photos and the sweet 'lacey' card with the perfect sentiment inside, Kelly :)

  22. Brilliant, the lace looks fantastic,I thought you had used a stencil with gesso :)The book is a fantastic idea and she can treasure it always. Your handwriting looks great to me who usually makes a spelling mistake, try to fix that LOL.. Macy, love her name, she is sooooo cute. Thanks for sharing the photos and wonderful gift, Have a wonderful week..

  23. Super sweet and clever design for a 1st birthday card, Kelly! I look forward to the many uses of the lace table cloth that your mom had acquired!! Happy birthday, Macy!!

  24. Thanks for the birthday book idea. I'm definitely going to get one for my great grandson.

  25. Just saw you on the Papercrafts site - you've been published (I'm sure you know that already!) I say, long overdue! Congratulations!

  26. Soooo Cute baby. May God bless her. I love your cards.

    Thanks for posting!
    ~ Sunita
    Best Birthday Cards

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