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Six Ways to Use a Stitching Die!! - New Spellbinders Infinity Punch and Pierce Plate


Hello Friends! Looking for more ideas on getting the most out of your supplies, especially with the hot new stitching plates?! Great, let's take a look at SIX different ways to use the new Spellbinders Infinity Punch and Pierce Plate! These are organized in order of stitching effort, starting with ...

1) No Stitching!

Sometimes with a stitching/piercing plate this good, you don't even need anything else. Just load it up and run it through your die cutting machine! All those holes and piercings make this look like a fine, vintage, lace tablecloth, don't you think?

In the middle we have the beautiful Fill My Heart Stamp Set which cleverly is designed to be stamped twice - on the top and bottom of the oval - to fill the space. 

Then, since there's only one floral stamp, the rest of the stamp set is filled with tons of sentiments to stamp in the middle. Nine different sentiments to pick from!!

2) One Stitch

We're starting off the stitching options easy - ONE STITCH lol!

It's a large stitch, so it doesn't get lost on the card, and I've stitched four different angles in an asterisk of sorts. 

This is one of the nine sentiments from 
Fill My Heart Stamp Set.

A little touch that's very appropriate for a sympathy card, even in gold metallic.

3) Stitch minimally - Corner to Corner

Just a step up from one stitch, is a few giant stitches that run the whole border of a card. 

I like to think of this as more of a border drawn around the card, only it's super-easy, perfectly straight, and shinny metallic. To make it a bit more interesting, I took advantage of the cluster of holes in each corner and stitched across once to keep the longer stitches in place a bit. 

Let's talk about this shining star in the middle from the Stylish Oval Thanks Hot Foil Plate, which comes with a die for the sentiment! I love how much of the foil is left on the card, making me feel like I'm really maximizing my foil rolls.  

It's the best of both worlds, lots of foil, and tiny areas to be colored, so no need to spend a lot of time coloring if you don't want to. 

4) Stitch A Little More - Running Stitch 

Here's one to save for a favorite TV show - cut out the middle oval and then do a simple running stitch around the oval. Nothing you need to think about, which is perfect while being in front of a TV.

The sentiment in the middle is the ninth, large sentiment from the Fill My Heart Stamp Set. It was kind of different not having a flower or other graphic design element as the focus of the card, but the font on this sentiment is very attractive, and it fills the space perfectly. 

5) Stitch The Details - French Knot 

Perhaps because I didn't have a graphic angle, I elected to add more stitching details in the form of French knot rosebuds. 

Repeating the stitching in each corner frames the card more, and gives more overall weight to it. 

6) Stitch Maximumly - Long Stitches

My final idea is to go for broke and stitch as much as you can!! 

Infinity Punch and Pierce Plate has three different pieces - the center (gold), the inner (light green) and the outer (white). The holes that go around the inner and outer ovals mirror each other very well so it's easy to stitch those two sections together.  

For the straight sections you can just stitch straight across. For the curved sections, it works out if you make a few "V's" and stitch from two different outer holes into one inner hole. 

Using gold foil paper for the middle adds a bit of "sexy" to the card, and then I stitched another two "asterisks" topped with gems with the remaining holes. 

I put two sentiments together in the middle, again from the Fill My Heart Stamp Set.

Whew! Were there any of the six ideas that stood out to you? Anything you'd like to try? I tried to make these ideas general enough to use with a different stitching/piercing plate if you have one. If not, the Infinity Punch and Pierce Plate is certainly a great choice!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Supplies Used (I really appreciate your support!):

Infinity Punch Plate
Fill My Heart Sentiments

Thanks Glimmer Hot Foil and Die

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  1. Each one is as lovely as the next! So creative, Kelly!


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