Thursday, June 16, 2022

Masculine Birthday Cards - Four Different Ways to Use the New Spellbinders Balloon Party Animal Die!


Hello Folks! Masculine birthday cards (and sympathy cards) are the most difficult cards for me to make, and of course the cards I need most often. Today I'm excited to share four different ways to use the most adorable new Balloon Party Animal Die from the Spellbinders 20th birthday party extravaganza!! And they are guaranteed to work for all the guys in your life, young or old!

Balloon Party Animal Die

Before jumping in with the cards, I'd like to take a moment to recognize what an enormous milestone to reach 20 successful years, in any industry ... so very proud of how Spellbinders has navigated all the crazy market twists and turns over these years and have still come out on top. Congratulations!!

OK, let's take a look at the cards!


With masculine cards, it's a tough balance between not over-engineering things, and still keeping the card interesting. This card does just that, simplistic in design, yet the elements are engaging.

Cutting the Balloon Party Animal Die out of transparent vellum gives this guy a real balloon feel.

And the Stitched Fanfare Die background die is a knockout!! You can of course stitch your heart out with this die, but what a stunning statement on its own, with just white cardstock! This card was way too easy to make, so of course I kept going ...

Another idea, channel your contemporary art vibes and recreate a Jeff Koons Balloon Dog. 

There are five in existence, and all have a mirror polished finish in blue, magenta, orange, red or yellow. What a great idea for a set!

This one I made super dimensional and bent up the balloon sections to stick out and really play up the reflective qualities of this foil paper. Also attached him with a stick for fun.

This festive card would work for any age, male or female. You could also attach the balloon animal with a spring and have him move around your card.

A third idea is to make multiples of the balloon animal, and highlight one of them in a different color with your sentiment.
This card represents the magenta Koons sculpture.

This focal point has a few layers underneath for some dimension.

Festive, yet masculine ... a real challenge for me, but I think this one hits it!

My fourth and final example actually uses the additional dimensional die pieces layered on top of the main balloon animal in a different shade of green.  

And I added wire glasses to him for some extra quirkiness by wrapping wire around an old paint brush.

This card also goes to show the balloon animals aren't just for birthday cards ... it can work for any festive and celebratory occasion (graduations - with a balloon animal in school colors, new promotion, first day of school, etc) 

Thanks so much for checking out my ideas with the Balloon Party Animal Die! As the first three cards show, you can get great results with only using the first layer of the die, so making multiples of these cards would be very efficient.  I really had a ton of fun playing around with this guy and love how versatile he is. 

A big Happy 20th Birthday to Spellbinders!! What an accomplishment!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
- Kelly

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Balloon Party Animal Die


  1. Each one is as cute as the next Kelly but your red (vellum) balloon knocked my socks off! It looks real!

  2. I can see you really had fun with that balloon die, Kelly. You gave us such great ideas for using it but the vellum animal was the best.


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