Monday, May 17, 2021

Tiny Flower Dies, Too Fussy for this Lazy Crafter?!

Hi Friends! I have to admit, I'm in general a pretty lazy crafter. Which is odd because I do spend a lot of time on projects, but that's more because I do too much thinking about things vs. doing. So when I see a project that has a lot of tiny elements involved, I usually admire from a distance and take a pass for myself.  

Lily of the Valley Dies

But when I saw this set of dies from Spellbinders that makes a lily of the valley with those dainty white blooms, I was really curious how those arrowed stems were going to operate. It seemed like you could just slide the white flowers onto the stem and that would hold them. If that was the case, that would be so darn cool! I had to try these out.

Turns out yep, that's all you need to do!! I was so thrilled! Once you die cut the white flowers (all from the same die, no need to make multiple passes with a single die), you place them down on a foam surface and push down on the center with a stylus to make the flowers cupped. To be honest, I have no idea where my stylus went, it's been awhile! So I just used the other end of my paintbrush and that worked just as well.

Then you squish the arrows on the stem with a pliers, and slip each flower over an arrow.

I was so happy with how they turned out, I decided to make two more stems! Then I arranged all three of them into a box card with double sided paper.

Here's an aerial look at how the stems are arranged and adhered behind each of the "rows" in the box.

Not a lot else needed here, aside from a sentiment. I used the Happy Day etched and layered dies and then wrote out "Mother's" with a white gel pen on a strip of green paper to turn this into a Mother's Day card.

Hope you can see how easy this was to get such a cool effect!

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Lily of the Valley Dies

Happy Day Die


  1. Oh my goodness! I couldn't wait to see how each flower was constructed onto a stem. Genius--and amazing!!

  2. I'm not one for little pieces either, Kelly, but this is so cute and realistic looking. If I didn't have a love/hate relationship with lily of the valley I'd be tempted to buy the set.


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